The Case for Camera and Access Control and Camera Integration

Integration is everything in electronic security, especially when it comes to protecting commercial buildings. In order to optimize commercial building security, there’s no more important integration than one that marries access control system with video surveillance — and the good news is, it’s often possible to make this marriage happen with differing brands.

Kentucky Fire Season: Prevention and Preparation

Kentucky’s fall forest fire season began on October 1st. While wildfires may start in the forest or wooded area, they can certainly threaten structures as well — including your home or business. With that in mind, it’s time for an annual check-up on ways to prevent and prepare for the risk of fire this time of year.

Kentucky Fire Season

Thermal Scanning in Your Place of Worship

Worship services are in person again, but many of our faith communities are struggling to keep COVID transmission numbers low. One of the ways to ensure your church or religious organization does not become a hotbed of transmission is by screening for symptoms when people enter. But naturally, no one wants to have their temperature taken when they enter their house of worship. 

Thermal scanning

The Value of Video this School Year

Student violence and criminality are on the rise in K-12 schools: bullying, fights, weapons, gang activity and drug sales. This makes the need for creative school security solutions more evident than ever. One of the most valuable school security investments a campus or district can make is in video surveillance technology. Here are some critical reasons why. 

Fever Detection Systems During the Delta Variant

With more than a half-million COVID-19 cases reported and the delta variant spreading rapidly throughout the state, businesses throughout Kentucky are reinstating some of last year’s prevention protocols. One of them is temperature checking, which involves verifying patrons have an acceptable body temperature before they are allowed inside. 

Mask with thermometer

Throwing a Safe Summer Employee Appreciation Event

Summer is the perfect time of year to throw an employee appreciation party or company picnic, and many employers were unable to do it last year. This year, make your company event an even bigger splash for all the right reasons — like safe, responsible fun. Here are some of the things you can do to fulfill your responsibility as an employer holding a summer gathering. 

Safe Summer Employee Appreciation Event

Balancing Cybersecurity with Video Surveillance

Major cybersecurity attacks have dominated the headlines this year. Businesses have adopted more relaxed workflows due to the necessity of working remotely. These are realities that have propelled cybersecurity to top priority status for many administrators. Naturally, the most prominent concerns are connected to employee email and company network use. But what about cybersecurity with security technology — specifically, video surveillance? If you’re a systems administrator, don’t discount the importance of balancing cybersecurity with the video surveillance system you’re responsible for.  

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