Better Business Security through Advanced Intrusion Detection and Analytics

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There’s sensor-based intrusion detection, and then there’s advanced intrusion detection equipped with video analytics to deliver you actionable business intelligence. Here’s what you can get when you add video analytics and advanced intrusion detection to your business security system.

Deep Learning Algorithms

Video analytics are powered by the deep learning algorithms of artificial intelligence. These algorithms can accurately distinguish people and vehicles (which could be legitimate security threats) from animals and other moving objects (which are less likely to be threats). This can greatly reduce the occurrence of costly false alarms, or eliminate them altogether. 

Because of the deep learning algorithms in an advanced intrusion detection system, you can ensure you will receive an alert for legitimate security events only. Animals, wind and other movement triggers will be filtered out automatically; this object classification enables you to search your video quickly while saving you time, money and headache. 

Line Crossing Detection 

Line crossing enables you to create a virtual, invisible line anywhere on your premises. The line acts as a boundary; when crossed, it will trigger an alarm signal and send an alert directly to you. If an intruder crosses a line in a front yard, a driveway or some other marker on the property, the alarm will be triggered before they even attempt a break-in. 

Line crossing is like having a virtual fence around the property that keeps it more protected from intrusion. Meanwhile, your cameras can record the event so that accurate evidence can be presented to law enforcement. 

To learn more about video analytics and advanced intrusion detection for your business security, call Modern Systems today. We will be glad to answer your questions. 

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