Video Surveillance

Fighting Grocery Theft in Kentucky with Video Surveillance

The grocery industry is currently being hit hard by incidents of theft — and sadly, the damage being done goes well beyond inventory losses. As illustrated by a Lexington Kroger robbery in February, employees (and sometimes innocent patrons) are also getting hurt in grocery theft events. With the cost of food continuing to spike nationwide, grocery store theft is bound to continue throughout Kentucky. Video surveillance solutions from Modern Systems can be used to fight back. We strongly encourage grocery store management and loss prevention specialists to consider filling in their security gaps with these video surveillance solutions.

Fighting Grocery Theft in Kentucky with Video Surveillance

Video Analytics to Catch Catalytic Converter Thieves

Catalytic converters have become the most sought-after auto part among thieves in recent years. As an attempt to disincentivize the theft of these valuable auto parts, the Kentucky Senate passed a bill designed to crack down on the resale of catalytic converters. Legislation is helpful, but it’s just one way to hold thieves responsible and deter others from attempting the crime of stealing catalytic converters. 

Balancing Cybersecurity with Video Surveillance

Major cybersecurity attacks have dominated the headlines this year. Businesses have adopted more relaxed workflows due to the necessity of working remotely. These are realities that have propelled cybersecurity to top priority status for many administrators. Naturally, the most prominent concerns are connected to employee email and company network use. But what about cybersecurity with security technology — specifically, video surveillance? If you’re a systems administrator, don’t discount the importance of balancing cybersecurity with the video surveillance system you’re responsible for.  

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