Video Analytics to Catch Catalytic Converter Thieves

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Catalytic converters have become the most sought-after auto part among thieves in recent years. As an attempt to disincentivize the theft of these valuable auto parts, the Kentucky Senate passed a bill designed to crack down on the resale of catalytic converters. Legislation is helpful, but it’s just one way to hold thieves responsible and deter others from attempting the crime of stealing catalytic converters. 

By taking advantage of our next level video solutions and video analytics, Kentucky property owners can help authorities catch catalytic converter thieves and strip away the elements of the crime that make it so attractive. With that in mind, here are some common questions about catalytic converters and the theft of these valuable auto parts. 

What’s a Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters are placed in vehicles to reduce the toxic chemical compounds from engine emissions. This is achieved by converting those chemicals into a steam gas that is safer for the air. The unsafe molecules are broken up inside the chamber of the catalytic converter before they’re released from the vehicle into the air. 

Why are Catalytic Converters Stolen? 

Criminals who steal catalytic converters do so because of the precious metals they contain: platinum, rhodium and palladium. A catalytic converter thief will typically sell the part or its metals, either online or to a scrap yard that looks the other way. According to, the values of the precious metals contained inside catalytic converters is currently: 

  • Rhodium – $20,000 per ounce
  • Palladium – $2,938 per ounce
  • Platinum – $1,128 per ounce 

Note: Values of precious metals will fluctuate. 

How Video Analytics Can Stop Catalytic Converter Theft 

Catalytic converter theft is an epidemic, but there’s security technology to help. By deploying video analytics, Kentucky business owners can find out who the thieves are and help law enforcement hold them accountable. At Modern Systems, our next level video solutions include license plate ID that can pinpoint the plate number on a thief’s car. This is perhaps the most valuable form of identification you can give police to locate a criminal.

We also offer 24/7 color cameras that can capture clearer, more descriptive images of a crime in progress. 

The more catalytic converter thieves are held responsible by law enforcement, the more would-be thieves will be deterred from going through with the crime. To inquire about our next level video solutions and video analytics, Kentucky businesses can call Modern Systems. We hope to partner with you in cracking down on catalytic converter theft. 

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