How Color Cameras Can Safeguard Kentucky Businesses from Slip and Fall Fraud

How Color Cameras Can Safeguard Kentucky Businesses from Slip and Fall Fraud
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Slip and fall lawsuits have been around quite some time — but during the pandemic, there was a sharp increase in fraudulent slip and fall claims being filed by scammers (more than 2,000 cases, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau). It underscores the need for quality video surveillance with color cameras, which can help safeguard Kentucky businesses from being sued for negligence by a slip and fall fraudster. If you are not yet properly prepared with this video surveillance, are some things to keep in mind about slip and fall scams. 

Slip and Fall Scams are Getting Smarter

People have been perpetrating slip and fall scams for a long time, but the scammers are getting smarter. Today, they know the old “slipping on a wet floor” trick is no longer cutting it. That’s because most establishments end up prevailing in court if they can prove they took reasonable care to protect patrons (for example, having a “caution” or “wet floor” sign present). Today’s scammers are researching slip and fall scenarios, searching for cases where the plaintiff won so that they can mimic them.  

Slip and Fall Scams are Getting Organized

Just as flash mobs have made retail theft a more organized crime, slip and fall scams are becoming more elaborate as well. Everything from pouring an oily liquid on the floor to planting an obstacle can be a tactic used to pin on the business being scammed. Perpetrators may not be in large groups like flash mobs, but they certainly may work in small teams so that someone can be the lookout who reports the “injury” to the manager.  

Slip and Fall Scams Can be Defeated with Cameras 

For businesses concerned about being the target of a slip and fall scam, there’s good news: The scams can fall apart easily when motion-triggered color cameras are watching. Color cameras are far less forgiving to criminals by capturing everything that happens in clear detail.

And when cameras are equipped with video analytics that can read license plates and other data, it’s even easier to make sure scammers are held accountable for their actions. 

Slip and fall scams happen, but you can fight back by having motion-triggered color cameras recording everything that goes down. To install or upgrade a video surveillance system with powerful color cameras, call Modern Systems today.  

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