Security Systems for Kentucky Churches and Religious Campuses

Security Systems for Kentucky Churches and Religious Campuses
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From fall festivals through the winter holidays, churches and other religious organizations tend to see more visitors at the end of the year. That makes this one of the best times on the calendar for religious campuses and other places of worship to upgrade their security technology. Here are some of the security challenges that stakeholders on religious campuses face, and security recommendations that can help meet those challenges while staying true to the organization’s mission. 

Overseeing Volunteers 

Churches and other religious bodies often depend on volunteers to deliver their programs to the community. This creates an ever-present challenge to provide an atmosphere where volunteers feel valued and trusted, while also making sure that they respect the physical boundaries of the property. To overcome this challenge, campus security administrators should consider adding new cameras to areas of the property that are not currently being monitored. Volunteers can be notified that the cameras are present, but only security staff will know about the powerful abilities of the AI video surveillance technology to identify culprits of suspicious behavior. 

Overcoming Vandalism

In the last five years, acts of vandalism and property damage on American churches, synagogues and other places of worship have increased by more than 170%. To prevent perpetrators from damaging the property with everything from graffiti and broken windows to bent fences and busted locks, campuses can upgrade their security systems to more advanced intrusion detection technology.

Additional sensors, virtual fences, and integration with AI video surveillance are all good places to start for locations that are serious about eliminating vandalism. 

Organizing Visitors

While most visitors are on the premises for ethical reasons, it’s a sad reality that others may wish to cause harm to a church or synagogue property. To keep the flow of visitor traffic organized while still providing an enjoyable environment that does not detract from their worship experience, religious campuses may consider protecting off-limits areas with an electronic access control system. These systems ensure that only those who possess an activated credential can enter a protected area. Meanwhile, authorized church administrators can generate a report that shows who accessed the area at specific times. AI video surveillance can also be integrated with access control to fortify protected areas even more. 

Call Modern Systems to Learn More

These are some of the most pressing challenges facing places of worship. Modern Systems can help make your campus a safer place to be. To discuss installing or upgrading security systems for Kentucky churches and religious campuses, call us today at (800) 252-7664.

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