How Retailers Can Offer More Secure Holiday Shopping

How Retailers Can Offer More Secure Holiday Shopping
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This holiday season stands to break records for online shopping, starting with the Black Friday weekend that Amazon reported as its “biggest ever.” Reportedly, Black Friday shoppers bought more than one billion items online this year — and the remainder of the holiday season stands to continue benefiting e-commerce. If you operate a brick-and-mortar retail store, you may feel the impact of this in the form of lost sales. If so, you may seek out remedies like retail security systems or AI video surveillance. Kentucky retailers can find these solutions at Modern Systems. 

Retail Crime Means Serious Profit Loss

In city after city across America, organized retail theft is striking fear in shoppers and driving the major push toward online sales. In fact, concerned retailers have taken their case to Congress; on December 12, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce participated in a congressional hearing titled, “From Festive Cheer to Retail Fear: Addressing Organized Retail Crime.” In a letter ahead of the hearing, the Chamber wrote,

“Communities and businesses large and small across the United States are facing a significant increase in organized retail crime that requires immediate action. More than half of small businesses reported theft in 2022 and believe that the problem is getting worse. In addition, earnings statements of major corporations over the past year show a nearly 100% growth in mentions of organized retail crime.”

In addition, a December report from the National Retail Federation said the industry experienced $112 billion in losses last year.  Clearly, retail crime is hitting businesses where it hurts: the bottom line. 

A Real Solution to Holiday Retail Crime

Fortunately, there is security technology that’s ideal for retailers who are fed up with crime and seeking a way to hang onto holiday shoppers. During a complimentary consultation, Modern Systems can demo our new AI video surveillance systems, which feature an unprecedented set of analytical tools to help retailers crack down on theft. Managers and security personnel can use it to detect thieves onsite using proprietary technology that searches faces, attributes, clothing type, clothing colors and more. The system stores a history that enables you to create lists of offenders and prevent them from returning. It’s even possible to detect the vehicles of those persons and get an alert when they are in proximity to the location. These systems feature the smartest search available, and we offer this AI video surveillance to Kentucky retailers who need a solution to retail theft this holiday season. To learn more, request a complimentary consultation with Modern Systems by calling (800) 252-7664.

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