Throwing a Safe Summer Employee Appreciation Event

Safe Summer Employee Appreciation Event
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Summer is the perfect time of year to throw an employee appreciation party or company picnic, and many employers were unable to do it last year. This year, make your company event an even bigger splash for all the right reasons — like safe, responsible fun. Here are some of the things you can do to fulfill your responsibility as an employer holding a summer gathering.

Be straightforward about guest invitations.

Allowing your employees to invite a guest is a nice gesture, and you’re more likely to get good attendance by doing this. However, a commitment to security means being straightforward about guest invitations. You may wish to tell employees that guest invitations are only for immediate family, such as: 

  • Spouses or significant others.  
  • Their own children.
  • Elderly parents they care for.

By being straightforward about your wishes for guest invitations, you can boost the security of your company picnic or employee appreciation event.

Be serious about intoxicating substances. 

No matter where your party or picnic is being held, setting ground rules for alcohol and other intoxicating substances should be taken seriously. Guests who are under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or another substance are both security risks and legal liabilities. There are many ways to manage this, such as: 

  • Hiring a bartender or appointing a trusted employee to serve.   
  • Using the drink ticket service model, issuing no more than 2 tickets per person. 
  • Giving a manager the task of monitoring alcohol consumption.
  • Avoiding alcohol service altogether. 
  • Strictly prohibiting cannabis use at the event. 

If you’re tempted to bend on company-sanctioned consumption, don’t. There are many reasons it’s bad for your business. 

Be smart about managing building access. 

Spreading out the event throughout your property is a security risk, whether employees are bringing guests or not. Instead, hold it in one designated area. These additional security technologies may help you have a safer event, and they can help you secure your business all year round: 

  • Video surveillance monitoring restricted entryways.
  • Access control guarding workrooms, storage rooms and executive suites.  
  • License plate ID service identifying any vehicles not permitted to be onsite. 

An employee appreciation event is a wonderful tradition for any business. This summer, make sure you throw the safest one possible. To learn more about products and services that can help, call Modern Systems today. We will be happy to assist you. 

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