How AI Protects Schools with License Plate ID

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As our schools prepare to reopen after more than a year of uncertainty, school security is more critical than ever. Administrators across the country are expecting a transition period, marked by the potential of campus crime.

School Security Risks to Expect this Year

Keep in mind: While school was out, students were still communicating with each other online. Unfortunately, this could mean cyberbullying and threats were in progress the entire time. These realities can lead to a first day of school filled with confrontations on campus, putting both students and teachers at risk (10% of teachers across the United States were threatened with serious bodily injury in the past school year).

Graduated students, expelled students and students from other schools may even be involved in personal disputes with enrolled students, and they may attempt to enter the campus with bad intentions. It’s imperative that schools get prepared; fortunately, there is artificial intelligence that can help. At present, one of the most reliable AI technologies for schools is license plate identification.

License Plate ID for School Security

Hopefully, your school requires students to register their personal vehicles so that security officers know the cars that are authorized to be parked on campus. However, that alone is rarely effective in preventing an unauthorized person from parking in the lot and breaching the perimeter. That’s where our powerful license plate ID systems come in.

With a license plate ID system, your campus police can:

  • Get clear captures of license plate numbers entering and exiting.
  • Receive blacklist alerts for license plates that shouldn’t be on the property.
  • Request license plate reports on demand.
  • Search a plate number in your database to check for authorization status.

With these abilities, your school security force can detect threats early and intervene before conflicts begin. Additionally, students and parents can report the license plates of those they feel may be a threat. This may include:

  • Former students who continue to harass them.
  • Ex-boyfriends/girlfriends who have leveled threats.
  • Suspended or expelled students (administrators should be aware of these regardless).
  • Students from other schools sending threatening messages.
  • Stalkers of any age, from any location.

Being alerted to prohibited plates being on campus is one of the most important crisis aversion techniques your school can implement. When families report the license plates of these outside threats, your license plate ID system can help prevent an incident or tragedy.

Reporting the Plates to Police

If a crime occurs on campus, our license plate ID system enables you to provide law enforcement with a list of all vehicles that accessed your property on the date of the crime. The report will give police clear detail of the license plates that either parked on campus or passed through the area during the time frame you request.

Police can match license plates to DMV photos and law enforcement databases, which means quick identification of vehicle owners. If the driver of a vehicle was not the owner, police can question the driver as part of their investigation. The first, and most important step, is pinpointing the plate number. From there, law enforcement can work with you to determine the source of a criminal incident.

Artificial intelligence is taking school security by storm, and we’re doing our part to get our local schools on board. To learn more about license plate ID for your school security, call Modern Systems today. We look forward to helping you.

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