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Since 1979, Modern Systems has been serving Kentucky and the surrounding states. With offices in Somerset, Lexington and Bowling Green we truly are a one stop shop for all of your technology needs.

Fighting Grocery Theft in Kentucky with Video Surveillance

The grocery industry is currently being hit hard by incidents of theft — and sadly, the damage being done goes well beyond inventory losses. As illustrated by a Lexington Kroger robbery in February, employees (and sometimes innocent patrons) are also getting hurt in grocery theft events. With the cost of food continuing to spike nationwide, grocery store theft is bound to continue throughout Kentucky. Video surveillance solutions from Modern Systems can be used to fight back. We strongly encourage grocery store management and loss prevention specialists to consider filling in their security gaps with these video surveillance solutions.

Fighting Grocery Theft in Kentucky with Video Surveillance

Protecting Kentucky Businesses from Holiday Fires

The holidays are in full swing, and many of our local businesses have put time and effort into creating a festive holiday atmosphere. This is a great way to bring customers in the door and provide a wonderful ambiance for them. But without proper precautions, holiday decorations can also raise the risk of a fire breaking out on the property. With that in mind, here are the measures to take for protecting Kentucky businesses from a holiday fire. 

Protecting Kentucky Businesses from Holiday Fires

Video Surveillance for Kentucky Retailers this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us — and sadly, that also means holiday retail theft. When the National Retail Federation released its 2022 retail security survey, it showed that almost 53% of retailers reported a 26.5% increase in external theft since last year, including organized retail crimes with criminals acting in groups. Why is this happening? Some would say it’s an offshoot of the pandemic, while others believe it’s the result of relaxed criminal penalties. 

Why Thermal Camera Systems Are Still Needed in Kentucky

As we approach the cold and flu season and Kentucky Covid cases continue to evolve in new ways, it’s important to make sure your security technology is aligned with the times. One way to do that is with thermal camera systems, which are security cameras that can accurately read the body temperatures of everyone onsite. Here are some things to know about the thermal camera systems we install throughout Kentucky. 

Thermal Camera systems

3 Reasons Home Security in Kentucky Can Protect from Rising Home Invasion

With the unfortunate uptick in home invasion, home security is critical for Kentucky residents. Case in point: The violent October 6 home invasion in Louisville, which happened during the daytime and resulted in major injuries to the victim before the criminal took off in her vehicle. It’s a terrible incident, but it’s not isolated as these crimes are on the rise throughout the region. Fortunately, home security technology can reduce the impact of a home invasion. Here are three reasons why. 

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