AI Video Surveillance with Behavior Detection

AI Video Surveillance with Behavior Detection
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An effective business security strategy is made up of multiple components. One of the most critical components is behavior detection, a science that emerged over the past 20 years. Here is more information on behavior detection, and how Kentucky businesses can use AI video surveillance equipped with behavior detection to protect their properties. 

Behavior Detection: A Definition

Pioneered by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), behavior detection is a security method that involves monitoring occupants of a premises for problematic behaviors associated with stress, fear, or deception — and then, determining if that behavior is suspicious enough to warrant security intervention tactics such as questioning, inspection, or apprehension. Behavior detection is a technique used by governments, large organizations, and businesses of all sizes for security management.  

Behavior Detection: Service vs. Science

While behavior detection has a controversial history, most of the controversy is associated with live security officers providing behavior detection as a service, rather than approaching it as a science.

While human behavior detection officers may unjustly profile occupants based on their protected characteristics, video surveillance equipped with AI can monitor occupants strictly for their behaviors — thereby eliminating the risk of profiling.

The technology captures critical suspect details such as clothing, clothing color, hats, and hair; these specifics provide the insights needed to properly, ethically intervene in legitimate security events in progress. 

AI Behavior Detection: More Proactive

We’ve all heard the saying, “The cameras don’t lie.” Any video surveillance system can record behaviors of interest; however, only an AI video surveillance system can immediately screen those behaviors for security intervention. Rather than being viewed by a human security officer first, a quality video surveillance system equipped with AI analyzes the complex human behaviors captured on video and instantly determines if those behaviors warrant action. Traditional video surveillance is a passive observation tool, but AI video surveillance delivers a proactive response to security concerns. 

Learn More About AI Behavior Detection

AI video surveillance is a game changer for behavior detection. Kentucky businesses that are interested in learning more should call Modern Systems for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to providing you a free demo of this powerful, effective security technology. 

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