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  1. Tips For Fire Escape Planning

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    Creating a fire escape plan is a great way to prepare for when tragedy strikes. When a smoke alarm sounds, you don’t have much time to get out of the home before you risk injuries or death due to smoke inhalation and fire. Having a plan in place and practicing it will help your family know how to react and evacuate quickly and safely. Here are a few tips in fire escape planning:

    • •Children as youngg as 3 years old can follow a fire escape plan they have practiced often. Yet, many families don’t have detailed escape plans, and those that do usually don’t practice them.
    • •Practicing a fire escape plan and fire-safe behaviors on a regular basis can mean the difference between life and death.
    • •Draw a basic diagram of your home, marking all windows and doors, and plan 2 routes of escape out of each room. Consider various fire scenarios when creating your plan and develop actions for a safe escape. Plan for each member of your family, including babies or toddlers who may be unable to escape on their own. Download a grid to create an escape plan. Click Here.
    • •Keep exits clear of debris and toys.
    • •Keep your child’s bedroom door closed. If a ahllway fire occurs, a closed door may hinder the smoke from over powering your baby or toddler, giving fire fighters extra time for rescue.
    • •Teach toddlers not to hide from fire fighters. Their uniforms can be scary in time of crisis. Teach children that fire fighters are there to help in an emergency. Take children for a tour at your local fire station so that they can see a fire fighter in full gear.
    • •Teach your children to crawl under smoke to reduce smoke inhalation.
    • •Teach your children how to touch closed doors to see if they are hot before opening. If so, use an alternate escape plan.
    • •Have a safe meeting place outside the home and teach children never to go back inside.

    Creating a fire escape plan helps prepare a child and lets them know how to respond in the event of a fire. Practice the plan as a family once a month. When you first create one, you may want to practice it a little more often until your children can remember it well, especially for small children and toddlers. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarm when you change time on your clock for daylight savings time, and to test the alarm regularly. Call us to learn how Modern Systems can help you. Ask a representative about our fire alarm systems.



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