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  1. Modern Systems Inc. Security and Entertainment Systems

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    The home security Lexington-based Modern Systems Inc offers top-notch, professional monitoring and protection services. Our company is able to confidently secure both residential and commercial locations through state-of-the-art security systems and technology services. The security KY state company will protect individuals and families from invasion, theft, and harm, so you can rest easy.

    One cannot afford to go without Modern Systems Inc. security  services. Protecting valuable assets is necessary in modern times where criminals can easily take advantage of unprotected and uninsured victims. In addition, many burglars are deterred when the presence of an alarm system is detected. Customers can rely on the home security Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. to offer exceptional security and value to its customers throughout each second of need.

    Services offered by the Lexington security provider include alarms designed to protect against burglary, fire and even environmental disasters. Camera systems are available for constant surveillance that instantly alert the residents if anyone enters the area. Gate systems allow one to practically secure their property and surrounding areas from theft and vandalism. The Control 4 system is an all-in-one security system that can make home automation a reality. You can manage various services through a smart phone device, making it more convenient to keep tabs on the property. The Control 4 system can regulate garage doors, lighting, air conditioning, television, and entertainment within the home through wireless products. In addition, home theatre systems are available to add sharp images and incredible sound to enhance one’s media library for an entertaining cinema experience.

    Lexington security by Modern Systems Inc is the innovative choice for small businesses or extensive retail chains. Businesses can customize the camera system to operate in both single or multiple locations. The alarm systems allow employees to work and thrive within a safe environment. Access control systems are available to monitor facilities and restrict building access to only employees through a keycard, keypad, or photo identification screening. Commercial phone systems allow one to utilize technology convergence for ideal business communication. Custom audio and video solutions allow an owner to create a package based on specific requirements.

    Modern Systems Inc. is a leading source in security and home entertainment that is superior and affordable on any budget. Professional services and installation allow a convenient and solid installation and training for its high-quality products. Round-the-clock monitoring ensures safety of the premises from potential intruders to one’s home or business. The leading security KY state company offers complete surveillance and protection for less than one dollar a day.

    The home security that Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. provides is second to none in the industry with its advanced alarms and unique customizable services. Every individual has the right to protect and preserve their property and themselves from danger and damage. The Lexington security and technology provider offers dependable commercial and residential service in daily performance. Do not hesitate to contact Modern Systems Inc. to make an appointment, where friendly representatives will help to answer any questions.

  2. Modern Systems Inc Offers Security In KY

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    The Lexington Security Group is proud to say that we have some of the best home theater systems that you could possibly find on the market. Gone are the days where everything had to be controlled with different remotes and switch boards. Now, with security in KY you can ensure that the lights dim, the TV turns on, the volume on the surround sound system increases, and your favorite movie, tv show, or sport is ready to be watched. While all of this excitement may seem simple enough to generate, it requires a really complex and properly installed system to ensure that it works seamlessly. That is where the Lexington Security Group can fit your home theater needs.

    For those who are looking for a top home theater in Bowling Green to be installed in their New York home or apartment, then give us a call or visit our website and you will be amazed. You can find a video there of how the system works, but here is some more detailed information:

    When you come to the Lexington Security Group and ask for a home theater in Bowling Green to be installed, we will do this by taking everything important into account. First, we analyze just where everything needs to be installed. This includes your television, the placement of your lights, and how the surround sound system should be embedded into the room. After all, you want to have the same experience watching a movie as the director or producer intended for you to have. In addition, you want your home theater Bowling Green system to be perfectly adjusted to the furniture and outlook of your room. A larger room will have a different set up to a smaller one.

    What we want is for you to be completely comfortable with everything. That is why we will talk to you about the design and we can even do a test run with everything before it is permanently installed. That way you will have complete approval on whether or not a certain design is suited to your home’s/room’s needs. Do not worry, we will deal with all the details of installation. All you have to do is agree to a set up and our team of experts will take it from there. Before you know it everything will be ready and you can enjoy watching things on your TV/projector just as they were meant to be.

    In addition to the home theater systems, we also have a security system in KY that can protect your home or apartment. With the home/small business security system, you can have cameras installed as well as a central controller that will allow you to turn the system/alarm on and off. This system is designed for perfect home/small business security as well as convenience. This security KY system can be available for as little as $1.00 a day depending on what features you choose. That is a small price to pay for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

  3. Making Your House More Energy Efficient Helps The Environment and Your Wallet

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    Do something good for your family, your pocketbook, and the environment. Make your home a little greener. A few simple changes in your house can go a long way to lower high energy bills and protect the environment. To be green, you’ve got to be efficient. Here are a few ways Modern Systems can help make your home a little greener.


    1. Lighting

    • Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs use 66% less energy than a standard incodescent bulb and last up to ten time longer.
    • Making sure your lights are turned off when not in use can cut back on your energy costs.
    • Having a Lynx Touch security system from Modern Systems with Total Connect can help you. With lighting control, you can control your lighting from anywhere using a PC, smartphone or tablet.


    2. Heating and Cooling

    • Almost half of a home’s energy consumption is due to heating and cooling.
    • Each degree below 68 F during colder weather saves 3%-5% more heating energy, while keeping it at 78 F in warmer weather will save you energy and money.
    • Modern Systems’ Lynx Touch with Total Connect gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat from anywhere. When you are at work or away, simply adjust the temperature to 68 F in colder weather and 78 F in warmer weather. Before you arrive home, set it back to a temperature you feel comfortable in. By the time you arrive home, the temperature will be exactly what is most comforable to you.


    3. Electronics

    • Electronics left on can make the meter run up just as much as your lights. Control4 can help with that. Not only does Control4 allow you to control lighting and thermostat like the Lynx Touch, it also enables you to control virtually any appliance in your home.
    • Make sure all TVs, radios, and other electronics are all turned off from anywhere you are.
    • Adjust the thermostat and turn on ceiling fans to maintain a cool temperature in your house while you are away.


    For more information on how Modern Systems can make your house a greener, more energy effiecient Smart Home, give us a call. 1-800-252-7664


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  4. Choosing The Best Home Security In Lexington KY

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    If your home has been ransacked, your new 40 inch HD TV’s are no longer in your den or bedrooms, and most all your valuables stolen; at least the ones that count, you might rethink about what your neighbor told you he had installed last month concerning home security. It’s too late now, but you’ll always have tomorrow if your move includes a protection blanket from Modern Systems Inc. Nothing gives a burglar quicker pause than seeing a sign in your front yard and windows saying: “Secured by Modern Systems, Inc.”

    We have choices to make on a daily basis in our lives, but when it comes to the peace of mind, and the security of you, your family, and your pets, a home security system offers a safety parachute like no other. But choosing a home security KY system will probably come down to four things: the cost, the company reputation, and experience, plus the latest technology. Oh, sure, you can thumb through the phone book, but checking a security company using the Internet is your best move because you can see what’s involved, read about what they have to offer, in terms of locations, and other commercial services.

    Recently, Modern Systems home security in Lexington KY became the first authorized gold premier Control 4 system dealer specializing in home automation. And in case you’re thinking to yourself, “so what“, you should know that receiving this designation demands vigorous training and experience requirements concerning Control 4 system products. Some companies make the transition; some don’t. Modern Systems security in KY has crossed the goal line in the training and installation procedures, and is now uniquely qualified to make your life a whole lot easier than before.

    In your search for a security systems company perhaps this information will help you decide. Modern Systems, Inc. has been serving Kentucky and surrounding states for over 30 years. Not many security companies last a decade, let alone 30 years, and counting. Of course, security KY is their first concern for your families protection in case of fire or theft, but they are also one of the largest custom installers of home theater, audio and video, entrance gates, phone systems, intercom, indoor and outdoor camera protection, and, of course, the Control 4 system of home automation.

    The security business is very competitive; ergo, the selection process for a family can become a major conundrum. However, perhaps M. David Morris, President of Modern Systems, Inc. said it best with a few personal comments. This one in particular seemed quite succinct: “Although we have grown into the largest independent company like ours has been in Kentucky, I’ll never lose sight of the fact that the most important customers we have is you!” So if you are in need of home security Lexington KY products, and then some, contact the Somerset, KY, Bowling Green, KY, or Lexington, KY offices via phone or Web site.

    Here is what you can expect from Modern Systems, Inc.

    • Service after the sale
    • Competitive pricing
    • Professional Representation
    • Professional Installation Using The Highest Quality Components

    One more thing to remember during the current uncertain job market is that experienced technicians may find full time positions available from time-to-time. Keep checking with the Somerset and Lexington offices for qualifying information.