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  1. Modern Systems, Inc. Offers Affordable and Necessary Lexington Security Products

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    These days, the Internet allows us to do everything from buying Christmas presents to finding lost soul mates. While the threat of identity theft and Internet stalkers might dissuade some from using it, the Internet also can provide security in a surprising way. Recently, a man in New York found this to be the case when he was able to catch a home invader on tape, thanks to a pre-installed home security system that included access from the Internet. By monitoring his home via this high-tech but low-cost option, Levent Centiner was able to call for help, and the would-be burglar was caught before anything could happen.

    Other people aren’t so lucky, or perhaps they don’t understand the value of home security systems. In the same article, a Florida woman had trouble convincing her husband that installing such high-tech surveillance was worthwhile. For many people, the threat of a home invasion doesn’t translate into spending a little bit of money for long-term security. After all, many people don’t think twice about home invasions, despite the news stories. Modern Systems, Inc., a Lexington, KY-based security company, advocates for people to increase their home security by installing these high-tech surveillance measures. Being a victim of a home invasion may be more likely than people think, and having extra security to protect precious memories and family members is not only a good investment, but a smart one.

    According to Neighborhood Scouts, Lexington citizens have a fairly high likelihood of becoming a victim in a home-based security violation. One out of 23 residents, higher than the state or national average, may be victim to an incident. Modern Systems, Inc., a premier Lexington security company, urges residents of the area to invest in high-quality, high-tech but low-cost security surveillance options to protect their homes and property. Other security companies in Lexington KY may not provide the right equipment within a reasonable price range. Their Control 4 system provides customers with the convenience to monitor all of their home safety products at the touch of a button. Modern Systems, Inc. also offer a range of business products to protect stores and commercial property, with products ranging from digital circuit television (CCTV) to unique surveillance systems. Leaders in Lexington security, Modern Systems, Inc. offers high-quality products at affordable rates, with surveillance coverage for as low as $1.00 per day.

    Technology can be a useful and vital tool in maintaining the safety of our homes. Home surveillance might seem like a drastic step to take, but it never hurts to have extra security when it comes to the things, and more importantly the people, we love. Modern Systems, Inc. is the place to trust among security companies in Lexington KY. For over 30 years, the company has been monitoring homes and looking out for businesses with customer satisfaction and safety as their highest priorities.