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  1. The Ultimate Man Cave: Part 2

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    You have your location chosen, you’ve decided on your desired television display, now what? The next step in creating The Ultimate Man Cave is ensuring you have the perfect sound for your space.


    Sound systems are not “one size fits all.” You need a system set up that gives you the best sound for your particular space. That’s where Modern Systems comes in. Not only can we provide you with the perfect sound system, we can set it up in a way that utilizes the room’s full sound potential.


    If you have a larger space, surround sound may be your best option. With a 7.1 system, you will feel like the movies are coming alive around you. You can experience movies the way directors intended, listen to music as if you were in the venue and become emerged in games as if they were actually going on around you.
    In-wall and in-ceiling speakers keeps them out of view and allow surround sound in spaces that typically would not have much room allowance for multiple speakers.



    If your space is not very large and surround sound is not the best option, sound bars may be the best fit. A sound bar is a set of speakers that is mounted right below your flat screen that works best in small to medium sized rooms. With designs to work with all sizes, they provide much better sound than the tiny speakers built into your flat panel. Because flat panels are designed to be thin and sleek, there is not much room for decent speakers. Sure, it may look great, but with sub-par sound you cheat yourself and your guests out of what could be a wonderful cinematic experience. In order to have the Ultimate Man Cave, great sound becomes a vital necessity.


    Tune in for our next post where we will cover another important aspect of The Ultimate Man Cave, temperature and lighting control.
    Modern Systems has been serving Kentucky and surrounding states since 1979. We are on of the largest security companies in Kentucky of our kind. Not only can we help you secure your home with home security systems, we can make your home a Smart Home through Home Automation and Home Theater. We Serve Lexington, Bowling Green, Somerset, KY and surrounding areas.



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