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  1. Operation Security Blanket Provides Free Panic Alarms for Schools

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    Schools should be safe havens for children, but recent events have rattled the nation’s feelings of safety. Modern Systems, Inc. believes that school security in KY should not be dependent on schools finding money in their already tight budgets. Modern Systems, Inc. has created Operation Security Blanket in the hope that wireless, silent panic alarms placed in a school may be able to prevent tragedy in the future. We have already installed panic alarms systems in 28 Pulaski County schools. There was no charge to the schools and no ongoing costs to the school district for the alarms, their installation or monitoring. Businesses in a community have the obligation to step in and help when they are able to do so. It is our hope that other security firms in the country will help in their communities.

    How it works

    Silent panic alarms have been used successfully for years in businesses and homes all over the world. A silent alarm allows someone involved in a potentially dangerous situation to call for help without drawing attention to themselves or potentially escalating the situation. The alarms Modern Systems, Inc. installed are wireless and are therefore easy to install and move, if needed. An alarm of this type does not require any extra input from the scene. Once the button is pressed, help is on the way. This is especially useful in situations where staying on the premises or in a specific location may be dangerous.

    Operation Security Blanket

    The school panic alarm, when pressed, will send a text message to all teachers and staff at the school warning them that a threat has been detected. At the same time, the monitoring station will be alerted. The monitoring station, in turn, will call the police. This set up allows school faculty to focus on keeping the children and themselves safe. At the same time, police can be quickly on their way to assist. All of this is done without loud alarms blaring and frightening the children or allowing an intruder to know the police are coming.

    Although armed intruders at schools are on everyone’s mind right now, the security system can also be used for any potential threat in which a school would normally call for assistance. Although some schools have found money in their budgets to install video monitoring and other basic security measures, special alarms are often too expensive to be included. Modern Systems, Inc. believes that three alarms placed around the main office of a school will ensure an alarm is close at hand if the need arises. In addition to the alarms themselves, stickers stating the presence of the alarms will help remind staff and faculty – and any potential intruders – that they are there.

    Modern Systems, Inc. has installed the alarms at schools with zero cost to the schools or the school districts. We urge other security companies to follow our lead and begin an Operation Security Blanket in their own communities. School security in KY districts, as well as districts all over the country, should not overlooked or disregarded due to budget issues.