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  1. How to Avoid False Alarms

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    If you have a home security system you may very well understand the pain of a false alarm. Many, if not all of us are guilty of accidentally setting off the security alarm–whether it be from opening a door or window while the security alarm is set, or by messing up the secret code when the monitoring station calls in. This common mishap often results in loud sirens that disturb neighbors or law enforcement showing up at the door.


    Here are a few tips to help avoid the nuissance of a false alarm:


    1. Modern Systems offers several ways to turn off your security system, in turn you have the ability to quickly react in the event of an alarm system being falsely triggered. You can use the wired or wireless keypad, smart phone, tablet, computer or remote control.


    2. Make sure everyone who uses the security alarm knows how to use it properly, especially if you are setting up access to someone to enter your home while you are away. Provide specific, detailed instructions on how to disable and reset your home security system. After installation, your Modern Systems sales representative will train you on how to properly work your home alarm system.


    3. Have us set up your home alarm system to call your mobile first in the event of an alarm and your home phone secondly. This way you will have a quicker response time in the even of a false alarm while you are away.


    4. Program your mobile phone with your service provider’s number and call them the second to accidentally trigger you home alarm. Memorize your PIN so it is readily available (never carry your PIN written down in your wallet or purse, if it is stolen the theif could enter your home and disable the alarm).


    5. Make sure to have your alarm system for the home service regularly, and make sure the battery is replaced when needed. Weak system batteries and faulty equiptment can cause a false alarm.


    6. Make sure all windows and doors are secured before turning on your burglar alarm.


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