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  1. Modern Systems, Inc. Offers Affordable and Necessary Lexington Security Products

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    These days, the Internet allows us to do everything from buying Christmas presents to finding lost soul mates. While the threat of identity theft and Internet stalkers might dissuade some from using it, the Internet also can provide security in a surprising way. Recently, a man in New York found this to be the case when he was able to catch a home invader on tape, thanks to a pre-installed home security system that included access from the Internet. By monitoring his home via this high-tech but low-cost option, Levent Centiner was able to call for help, and the would-be burglar was caught before anything could happen.

    Other people aren’t so lucky, or perhaps they don’t understand the value of home security systems. In the same article, a Florida woman had trouble convincing her husband that installing such high-tech surveillance was worthwhile. For many people, the threat of a home invasion doesn’t translate into spending a little bit of money for long-term security. After all, many people don’t think twice about home invasions, despite the news stories. Modern Systems, Inc., a Lexington, KY-based security company, advocates for people to increase their home security by installing these high-tech surveillance measures. Being a victim of a home invasion may be more likely than people think, and having extra security to protect precious memories and family members is not only a good investment, but a smart one.

    According to Neighborhood Scouts, Lexington citizens have a fairly high likelihood of becoming a victim in a home-based security violation. One out of 23 residents, higher than the state or national average, may be victim to an incident. Modern Systems, Inc., a premier Lexington security company, urges residents of the area to invest in high-quality, high-tech but low-cost security surveillance options to protect their homes and property. Other security companies in Lexington KY may not provide the right equipment within a reasonable price range. Their Control 4 system provides customers with the convenience to monitor all of their home safety products at the touch of a button. Modern Systems, Inc. also offer a range of business products to protect stores and commercial property, with products ranging from digital circuit television (CCTV) to unique surveillance systems. Leaders in Lexington security, Modern Systems, Inc. offers high-quality products at affordable rates, with surveillance coverage for as low as $1.00 per day.

    Technology can be a useful and vital tool in maintaining the safety of our homes. Home surveillance might seem like a drastic step to take, but it never hurts to have extra security when it comes to the things, and more importantly the people, we love. Modern Systems, Inc. is the place to trust among security companies in Lexington KY. For over 30 years, the company has been monitoring homes and looking out for businesses with customer satisfaction and safety as their highest priorities.

  2. Lexington Security Alarm Systems Offer Home Safety & Remote Capabilities

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    As someone with a family of five living in Lexington, it’s important to me and our family’s safety that a Honeywell alarm system be installed in our home. I watch the news and I see the crime that seems to grow day by day and will not be a victim of someone breaking into my home and stealing from me or worse yet, causing harm to my family. It wasn’t long ago that I heard of a break-in occurring just up the street in a neighborhood close to me. That family wasn’t protected and ended up getting robbed when they were away on a vacation. Who knows if that would’ve happened if they had already installed a Kentucky alarm system to protect their assets and family?

    When I was a kid, we locked our doors and used deadbolts for safety, but Lexington security has changed from those years. It’s amazing what these Honeywell KY security systems can do. I was blown away by the sophistication and capabilities that the alarm system could provide. The brains and accessibility of the unit is controlled by a central access panel. Security, thermostat settings and lights in the house can all be operated by accessing the central panel. Touchscreen technology makes the unit simple and easy to use – which is a good thing when you have young kids that need to use the unit too. My 12-year-old daughter accesses the system when she comes home from school. It makes me feel safe knowing that she’s protected.

    In fact, I went all out when I installed this Lexington security system in my home and added security cameras to the front entryway and specific rooms that I wanted to monitor. When my daughter gets home from school, I can actually log in and see real-time video of her at home. The main living area is right inside the home after you enter through the front door. She knows that she’s supposed to work on homework there and watch some TV before I get home from my job. I can keep tabs on her and make sure that she’s doing what she supposed to do by watching the video and texting her if I don’t see any activity. This technology is truly amazing.

    I’m so glad I found Honeywell in KY because remote capabilities are probably the best feature of the security system. I don’t have to be at home to know that things are being protected, and I also don’t have to rely totally on the Kentucky alarm system’s main access panel to change important settings. All of these functions can be changed by remote access too. This includes the lights, security and heat settings. You can also get email alerts that notify you when certain changes are made to the system. If I’m currently busy when my daughter arrives at home, I can be notified by email when the front door opens. This allows me to know that she’s made it there safely.

    Having the ability to control my Lexington security system remotely and monitor my home and family’s safety has given me extra peace of mind. Being able to see my children through the technology of video also makes me feel closer to them. I would recommend a Kentucky alarm system from Modern Systems, Inc. to anyone that values a safe environment for their home.

  3. Modern Systems Inc. Security and Entertainment Systems

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    The home security Lexington-based Modern Systems Inc offers top-notch, professional monitoring and protection services. Our company is able to confidently secure both residential and commercial locations through state-of-the-art security systems and technology services. The security KY state company will protect individuals and families from invasion, theft, and harm, so you can rest easy.

    One cannot afford to go without Modern Systems Inc. security  services. Protecting valuable assets is necessary in modern times where criminals can easily take advantage of unprotected and uninsured victims. In addition, many burglars are deterred when the presence of an alarm system is detected. Customers can rely on the home security Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. to offer exceptional security and value to its customers throughout each second of need.

    Services offered by the Lexington security provider include alarms designed to protect against burglary, fire and even environmental disasters. Camera systems are available for constant surveillance that instantly alert the residents if anyone enters the area. Gate systems allow one to practically secure their property and surrounding areas from theft and vandalism. The Control 4 system is an all-in-one security system that can make home automation a reality. You can manage various services through a smart phone device, making it more convenient to keep tabs on the property. The Control 4 system can regulate garage doors, lighting, air conditioning, television, and entertainment within the home through wireless products. In addition, home theatre systems are available to add sharp images and incredible sound to enhance one’s media library for an entertaining cinema experience.

    Lexington security by Modern Systems Inc is the innovative choice for small businesses or extensive retail chains. Businesses can customize the camera system to operate in both single or multiple locations. The alarm systems allow employees to work and thrive within a safe environment. Access control systems are available to monitor facilities and restrict building access to only employees through a keycard, keypad, or photo identification screening. Commercial phone systems allow one to utilize technology convergence for ideal business communication. Custom audio and video solutions allow an owner to create a package based on specific requirements.

    Modern Systems Inc. is a leading source in security and home entertainment that is superior and affordable on any budget. Professional services and installation allow a convenient and solid installation and training for its high-quality products. Round-the-clock monitoring ensures safety of the premises from potential intruders to one’s home or business. The leading security KY state company offers complete surveillance and protection for less than one dollar a day.

    The home security that Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. provides is second to none in the industry with its advanced alarms and unique customizable services. Every individual has the right to protect and preserve their property and themselves from danger and damage. The Lexington security and technology provider offers dependable commercial and residential service in daily performance. Do not hesitate to contact Modern Systems Inc. to make an appointment, where friendly representatives will help to answer any questions.

  4. DIY Home Security Tips

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    By now I am sure you are aware of the many ways Modern Systems is able to help protect you, your family, home or business. Now what can you do to add even more protection? Let’s start with some DIY home security tips to get you going.


    Securing Doors And Windows

    • • It is important to have strong and solid doors for exterior entrances. Solid, heavy wood or metal doors are some of the strongest.
    • • Dead bolt locks offer added protection against a door being kicked in. Installing a door jamb brace will also aid in protection.
    • • Make sure you have non-removable hinges secured with screws around 3 inches long.
    • • Keep all doors and windows in your home locked when you are away.
    • • Treat all windows and sliding glass doors with glass protection film. This will help against them being broken for entry.
    • • Install anti-lift mechanisms to the interiors of windows that slide up and down, and insert a metal or wooden rod into the tracks of patio doors and windows that slide sideways.


    Landscaping For Home Security

    • • Keep bushes and hedges cut down around doors and windows. You do not want to give a potential burglar a place to hide.
    • • Consider planting bushes that are sharp or prickly around windows to keep someone from wanting to hide in them.
    • • Remember that every thing you plant could potentially become a hiding place for a burglar. Plan your landscaping accordingly.


    Lighting and Timers

    • • Having lights and a television on all of the time, day and night, can be a sign to any one watching that you are away. Instead, consider installing timers on your lights and tv or having a home automation system for control from anywhere in the world. Call a sales representative for more information on lighting and electronics control. 1-800-252-7664
    • • Add LED security motion lighting to the perimeter around your home.


    Make a plan to burglarize yourself. This way you can find all of the ways someone can enter your home. Look for hiding spots, areas where valuables are visible, and easy entrances to your home. There is no better way to completely protect your home than to understand what needs added security and protection.


    Installing a home security system will add another layer of protection to your home. Call a sales representative today for a free, no obligation consultation and quote. Modern Systems has been giving home owners in Lexington, KY, Bowling Green, KY , Somerset, KY and surrounding areas peace of mind since 1979. We are one of the largest home security companies in Kentucky and surrounding states.



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