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  1. Making Your House More Energy Efficient Helps The Environment and Your Wallet

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    Do something good for your family, your pocketbook, and the environment. Make your home a little greener. A few simple changes in your house can go a long way to lower high energy bills and protect the environment. To be green, you’ve got to be efficient. Here are a few ways Modern Systems can help make your home a little greener.


    1. Lighting

    • Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs use 66% less energy than a standard incodescent bulb and last up to ten time longer.
    • Making sure your lights are turned off when not in use can cut back on your energy costs.
    • Having a Lynx Touch security system from Modern Systems with Total Connect can help you. With lighting control, you can control your lighting from anywhere using a PC, smartphone or tablet.


    2. Heating and Cooling

    • Almost half of a home’s energy consumption is due to heating and cooling.
    • Each degree below 68 F during colder weather saves 3%-5% more heating energy, while keeping it at 78 F in warmer weather will save you energy and money.
    • Modern Systems’ Lynx Touch with Total Connect gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat from anywhere. When you are at work or away, simply adjust the temperature to 68 F in colder weather and 78 F in warmer weather. Before you arrive home, set it back to a temperature you feel comfortable in. By the time you arrive home, the temperature will be exactly what is most comforable to you.


    3. Electronics

    • Electronics left on can make the meter run up just as much as your lights. Control4 can help with that. Not only does Control4 allow you to control lighting and thermostat like the Lynx Touch, it also enables you to control virtually any appliance in your home.
    • Make sure all TVs, radios, and other electronics are all turned off from anywhere you are.
    • Adjust the thermostat and turn on ceiling fans to maintain a cool temperature in your house while you are away.


    For more information on how Modern Systems can make your house a greener, more energy effiecient Smart Home, give us a call. 1-800-252-7664


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  2. Choose The Best From Lexington Security Dealers

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    Security is a concern of every homeowner out there. You want to keep yourself, your family and your property safe from any kind of crime, and the best way to do that is to be sure that you’re being monitored for any unauthorized or suspicious activity. However, will all of the commercial security Lexington, Kentucky offers, you have to be very careful what choice you end up making.

    When it comes to Lexington security dealers, they seem like they’re almost a dime a dozen. Just flip through the phone book or go online and type in the phrase “security Lexington Ky” and see how many results you get from that. It’s definitely a buyer’s market. But if you’re serious about getting the best possible security for your home or business, then you should step past the glut of Lexington security dealers and instead check out the options you have available Modern Systems.

    Modern Systems Inc. is not like the other commercial security Lexington has to offer. With over 30 years of service to Kentucky and the surrounding states, Modern Systems Inc. is a premiere installer of security systems and fire alarms, in addition to a wide variety of other home electronics and safety measures. With digital closed circuit television cameras, property gates, access control and phone systems on the menu, what combination of useful applications will you use to make your home or business as safe as they could possibly be?

    As far as the “security Lexington Ky” results go, very few of them can match the experience and the customer service offered by Modern Systems Inc. This company doesn’t need gimmicks and deals to earn new customers; instead it trades on reputation, results, and three decades of getting the job done right. With service after the sale, Modern Systems Inc. knows that the best way to keep customers happy is to check up on them and to make sure that there is nothing else you can do in order to make their purchase better.

    Now, as said previously, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Lexington security dealers. And many of them might offer some shiny packages, appealing introductory deals and even free services for those that choose to become new customers. It is, however, important for customers that have run that “security Lexington Ky” search to remember that this isn’t buying a new car or joining a new bulk shopping store; this is the safety of your home, your business and your family we’re talking about. If you want a commercial security Lexington company, why would you go for gimmicks and deals when the product that you’re buying is something that your safety and your life might depend on?

    If you’re looking for a security service to take

    care of your needs and to help keep you safe in Lexington, Ky, you’re going to have a hard time beating Modern Systems Inc. When it comes to service, options and reputation this firm has everything that you could ever ask from a security provider. So, that said, why would you go to a different company first?