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  1. Modern Systems, Inc featuring Control 4 System

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    Modern Systems, Inc is a Kentucky-based security company that features a Control 4 system designed to make every home that uses it more convenient. At the push of a single button, a person can change their lighting, heat, music, and more in their own home, regardless of where they are.

    Perfect for larger homes​ or gadget-friendly homeowners, a Control 4 system is a great way to have more control over the features accessible in the home with a quick click. Simple to use and categorized so all applicable items are on a quick touch display, a homeowner can easily change their temperature settings, lighting, and best of all, their security settings for their home quickly and easily. With Control 4 home automation systems, any home is instantly turned into a smart home that can be controlled from anywhere.

    Lexington alarm systems are improving in both security and comfort to help homeowners feel more at ease. Homeowners who travel often, who have small children, or simply homeowners who wish to be able to cool or warm their home while they are away or change thee mood of the music in their home whenever they want can take advantage of all the benefits Control 4 home automation systems have to offer.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit to these systems are the security measures a person can take any time via a Youtube link or their smart phones. Any time a person wishes, they can have access to their security cameras, lights, and alarms so they can know at all times how well their home is protected. With a Control 4 system in the home, a homeowner can always feel they are right there even if they are miles away.

    Technology has come a long way, and Modern Systems, Inc wants to make sure that their customers have access to only the very best. Sharing the Control 4 home automation system with their customers is something they are proud to do. In being able to control various settings of the home, including security settings, quickly and easily from nearly any technological device, a person can feel like they really do have control over their home any time they want.

    Perfect for the family who wants to have amazing sound control and perfect security at the same time, the Control 4 home automation systems make living easier than ever before.

    When it comes to Lexington alarm systems, Modern Systems, Inc aims to provide the very best to all their customers. Making sure a home is well protected is something they strive to provide, as well as making sure that their customers have access to the other great technological perks that are available on the market today. Customers who would love to control their home at the quick click of a simple button will love the Control 4 home automation system, and with Modern Systems, Inc they can also know they are receiving quality care and value.

  2. Protecting Your Loved Ones, Valuables, and Properties with Fire Protection in KY

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    Perhaps one of the most dreadful incidents that can happen to people is to lose their home or business to fire. Just a single spark can spread in a matter of seconds and can easily cause harm to both lives and property. In fact, fire remains to be one of the major causes of accidental death and injury in the home, posing a risk especially to the very young and old. For this reason, home and business owners should consider fire protection in KY, especially now that the threats of fire are greater due to warmer temperatures and less rainfall. With the right tools, you can make sure that your loved ones, valuables and properties are safe.

    Importance of Fire Detection

    When fire is detected early, there will still be time for a home or building’s occupants to evacuate. It also protects the safety of personnel who will respond to the emergency. This can reduce the loss of property and minimizes the downtime for the operation since the fire had been addressed before significant damage could occur.

    According to statistics, a majority of fires occur at night. Most of these involve cigarette smoking, faulty wiring, or unattended cooking. In cases of it being a business, how would a person hear a smoke detector if nobody is there? By the time someone outside sees it, extensive damage has been done. In the home, a smoke alarm can jar you from your sleep and you will likely feel disoriented or confused before you spring into action. Using a monitored fire detection system removes these chances for delay.

    Fire Detection Tools

    • Alarm systems

    These can notify the occupants about a possible fire in the building. A monitored system also send a signal to a monitoring station. Some systems, such as the Lexington alarm systems from Modern Systems Inc, can directly contact the fire department. A majority of these systems give information to the emergency responder like the exact location of the fire. This hastens the process of controlling the fire.

    • Smoke detectors

    These, together with Lexington alarm systems, are the best way to prevent injuries and deaths caused by fire. Smoke detectors emit a loud piercing alarm that will not go unnoticed by anyone on the premises. It is best to position them in high risk areas such as the kitchen, hallways, and any room where there is a heating appliance.

    Benefits of Fire Monitoring Systems

    • Available 24/7

    When you are at home, you can easily hear the sound of the alarm once the smoke detector senses smoke. Then, you can call 911 and report the fire immediately. The problem is when you are away from your home. Even if the smoke detector is triggered and the alarm is sounded, neighbors may just notice and call the fire department when it is too late. This is when having 24/7 monitoring is an advantage. Even if you are far from home, the monitoring station is connected to your security and fire systems and can contact authorities at the first sign of trouble. This prevents any further damage that fire can do.

    • Cost savings

    Some think that home monitoring systems are expensive but insurance companies offer a big discount on homes with these systems. So, while you keep your family and property secure, you save money at the same time.


    While smoke detectors and alarm systems cannot put out fire directly, they are important in preventing fire from spreading and minimizing the damage and loss of life that can occur with fires. Modern Systems, Inc, a Fire Protection Company in KY, provides full fire and burglary protection for your home or business.www.modernsystemsinc.com.

  3. Is There a Silent Killer Lurking in Your Lexington, KY Home?

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    ​You can purchase top-of-the-line locks for windows and doors; install state of the art security systems; and even install a surveillance system throughout your home. However, the most deadly killer of all can be lurking around any corner of your home just waiting to harm your family. In fact, there is no room safe within your home including your child’s nursery, the family room, or even the breakfast table. This silent killer is none other than Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

    Modern Systems Inc. is a reputable company that specializes in all types of Lexington alarm systems. Among a variety of security products, you will find carbon monoxide detectors that will provide the protection your family needs against this poisonous gas. These detectors can be wired directly into any home security system. Should carbon monoxide be detected, an alert will go out to the monitoring station, which will then dispatch lifesaving assistance to your home immediately. The team at Modern Systems Inc. monitors these Lexington alarm systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and invisible gas. These characteristic traits only make this poisonous gas even more dangerous. While children, household pets, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the side effects of carbon monoxide gases, no one is safe. Should you experience flu like symptoms including dizziness, vomiting, confusion, nausea, fatigue, or severe headaches, you may have been exposed to toxic amounts of carbon monoxide.

    When installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home from Modern Systems Inc. you can trust that their professional technicians will follow all regulations set by the Center for Disease Control. This will include installing alarms outside of each bedroom throughout the home, as well as on each floor of the home. Alarms will also be installed within 15 feet of fuel-burning appliances in your home. A home with an attached garage needs a CO detector right near the door to the house, in case the car is left running without ventilation.

    While home security systems for Lexington KY residents are the specialty of Modern Systems Inc., they also offer superior carbon monoxide detection systems for businesses and building facilities as well. From nursing homes to hotels, the installation of carbon monoxide detectors and alarm systems can create a safer environment for your customers, while increasing the value of your property as a whole. When businesses throughout Lexington and the surrounding Kentucky communities can provide their guests with proof that they are dedicated to their safety and well-being, the customer is more likely to return time and again.

    So before you find yourself faced with the devastation that carbon monoxide gases can cause within your Lexington, KY home or business facilities, contact the professionals at Modern Systems Inc. You will quickly see the dedication they have for providing top notch alarm and monitoring services that are second to none within this service industry.


  4. The Power of Home Automation and Security

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    We all know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you open that shockingly high utility bill—or the feeling of complete loss when something near and dear to you is stolen but could have easily been prevented. With realities such as these we are left to wonder what solutions are out there that can beat the current system.


    Many people are educating themselves on basic energy management and home security. There are so many solutions available to us and we are left scratching our heads wondering which ones will give us the most value for the buck and will work the way we need it to. That is where Modern Systems steps in. With multiple solutions for the most basic and elaborate home owner needs, you can rest easy knowing you are getting quality products and services from reputable brands at prices hard to beat. Let’s take a look at some of the available solutions to many problems home owners face.


    My Energy Bills Are Out of Control!


    I know the burn of an unexpectedly high utility bill. Mine seem to be getting bigger and bigger by the month, but alas, there are solutions to this! First you need to find out where the high energy use is coming from. Could it be from the fridge? The HVAC? With the Tuxedo Touch, not only can you have affordable home security systems, but there is a program on the control panel to manage home energy use. You can pinpoint where the energy is being consumed, and take steps to remedy the situation. Check out this video to see how it works:



    The Lynx and Tuxedo Touch give you power to have basic automation of your home. You can control your HVAC and Lighting right from the control panel, or from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. You can set schedules for the temperature to change to your preferred settings at a given time, or for chosen lights to turn off and on as you please. Perfect for those days when you are pulling in to work, and you suddenly realize you left the lights on, or you forgot to set the thermostat to a few degrees cooler while you are away. All you have to do is get on to your computer, phone, or tablet and turn the lights off and change the thermostat. It is that simple. You will never have to suffer the high utilities because of forgetfulness ever again.



    Control 4 products take it all even a step further. Not only can you control your lights and thermostat, you can also control practically any appliance in the home. Left the TV on? That’s just fine. Simply get on your phone, computer or tablet and turn it off. You can control so many aspects of your home with this system it is mind boggling. But, with the simple and easy to use interface, any person – young or old- can operate the system.


    I Have Valuables And Personal Items That I Cannot Leave Unsecure


    Although I personally do not own too much of monetary value, I have a few things that I hold near and dear to my heart that I want to always be protected, even when I am not there. With any of the security systems Modern Systems has to offer, you will know that your possessions are safe and sound around the clock. From door contacts, to sirens, panic buttons and motion sensors, with a trusted brand like Honeywell, the products are tested and proven to be top of the line.


    Not only will you be able to protect your valuables from theft, they will be protected from fire, smoke and water damage as well. Receive email alerts on your phone if the temperature in your home rises or drops to certain levels or if there is flooding in the home. If there is a fire, the correct authorities will be contacted. With quicker response times, you can prevent a lot of damage to your home and the things inside it.


    We also have a special product designed to work with your HVAC unit to protect the copper pipes from theft and tampering.



    I Have Way Too Many Remotes Cluttering My Table!


    Ah, remotes. I love their convenience, but between my television, satellite and DVD player I have 3 remotes sitting on my coffee table. Go into another room in the house, and then there are 4 remotes for the systems in there. Wouldn’t it be just amazing to have one to operate all of the systems? Well, there is a way! With Control4 you can operate all of these things with just a single remote. Because Control4 is a modular system, you can start with just one room, and then add music, lighting, temperature and other rooms as the budget allows. Dream Big. Start Small.


    I Want To Be Able To Communicate With People Throughout My Home


    With 3 people living in a 2 story home, it always seems like we are all on different sides of the house, on different floors, all at different times. I am tired of yelling up the stairs at my husband. It wakes up my daughter and hurts my throat, plus, he never seems to hear me. With Control4 video intercom, the days of yelling and hoping he heard me are a thing of the past. I just go to my panel in my living room, push a button, and there he is, looking right at me and able to hear every word.


    I can also check in on my daughter during nap time without waking her or just watch her sleep. She is so cute when she does that. Moments I normally would miss like her singing herself to sleep, singing her own made up silly song or writing on the walls with crayons are easily accessible with the tap of a finger. I can either watch without her ever knowing or I can catch her in the act. It’s always a wonderful thing.


    The days of opening my door to complete strangers or people I’m really not in the mood for a visit from are gone as well. I can now view who is at my door and then make an informed decision on whether I should answer it, ignore it, or even just communicate with them through the intercom because I don’t want them to see me still in my PJ’s at 5 in the evening.


    Click here to learn more about video intercom.


    Modern Systems can make your life a whole lot more worry free and because we have been in the business for over 30 years, you know you are working with a company you can trust to give you flawless home automation and security. We are one of the largest home security companies in Kentucky and serve the Lexington, Somerset, Bowling Green and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to talk to someone about your needs, or for a free no obligation consultation and quote.


    Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?


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