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  1. The Ultimate Man Cave – Part 1

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    Every man needs a place to retreat from the pressures of everyday life; a personal sanctuary full of his favorite things. It’s important to have a place where they can take off their social masks and revel in masculine energy. Having a “man cave” at home, a place men can decorate as they please and do what they want in can give them a much-needed sense of control, empowerment, and of course relaxation. Man Caves come in all shapes and sizes and can be located anywhere—the basement, garage, spare room, even a renovated shed.


    The Man Cave is no longer an elusive dream. Anyone can have one. All you need is a little space and some creativity. But, to have the Ultimate Man Cave, you need more. The most important elements are the display, sound, control, lighting and temperature.


    The entertainment system is the foundation of any good Man Cave. Whether you’re the ultimate sports fan or a news junkie, selecting the proper electronics for your own cave can be tedious, so, identifying the right gear is a critical task. We can help!


    Now we all know when it comes to a tv, size is everything. We can help find the size that works best with your space. Because we use a trusted brands like Samsung, LG and Sharp, the leaders in flat panel technology, you know you are getting the best product for your money.


    With a 1080p HD flat panel, you can watch the game in full detail. If cinema is your thing, a 3D projector makes the movies come alive and jump off the screen.


    Another important aspect not to overlook is placement. First, you have to think about how you will use your television and how the space is set up. Will it be mounted flat on the wall in front of your seating area? Or will it need to be mounted so that you can adjust it up and down, side to side and even tilt it so you can view it from different angles all around the room?


    Need more than one? We can help you with that too. Modern Systems can give you a tv wall that will put the notion of a single television to shame. Whether rooting for the Bulls or a Bullish market never miss a second of the action with full control of 3, 5 or 7 video screens simultaneously on a touch screen interface. You’ll never again have to limit yourself to picking and choosing between which shows to watch. Click here to learn more about our tv wall and it’s user interface. Click here to learn about a TV wall and how it works.


    Now that we have the TV covered, let’s talk about the user interface. Control4 allows you to use just one single remote to operate all of your systems. Control your DVD player, satellite or cable, Blue Ray, video streaming and television without cluttering your table with multiple remotes. You have instant access to all of your movies, music, and favorite channels.



    Tune in next week when we talk about another very important aspect of The Ultimate Man Cave… your sound system.



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