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  1. Lexington Security Alarm Systems Offer Home Safety & Remote Capabilities

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    As someone with a family of five living in Lexington, it’s important to me and our family’s safety that a Honeywell alarm system be installed in our home. I watch the news and I see the crime that seems to grow day by day and will not be a victim of someone breaking into my home and stealing from me or worse yet, causing harm to my family. It wasn’t long ago that I heard of a break-in occurring just up the street in a neighborhood close to me. That family wasn’t protected and ended up getting robbed when they were away on a vacation. Who knows if that would’ve happened if they had already installed a Kentucky alarm system to protect their assets and family?

    When I was a kid, we locked our doors and used deadbolts for safety, but Lexington security has changed from those years. It’s amazing what these Honeywell KY security systems can do. I was blown away by the sophistication and capabilities that the alarm system could provide. The brains and accessibility of the unit is controlled by a central access panel. Security, thermostat settings and lights in the house can all be operated by accessing the central panel. Touchscreen technology makes the unit simple and easy to use – which is a good thing when you have young kids that need to use the unit too. My 12-year-old daughter accesses the system when she comes home from school. It makes me feel safe knowing that she’s protected.

    In fact, I went all out when I installed this Lexington security system in my home and added security cameras to the front entryway and specific rooms that I wanted to monitor. When my daughter gets home from school, I can actually log in and see real-time video of her at home. The main living area is right inside the home after you enter through the front door. She knows that she’s supposed to work on homework there and watch some TV before I get home from my job. I can keep tabs on her and make sure that she’s doing what she supposed to do by watching the video and texting her if I don’t see any activity. This technology is truly amazing.

    I’m so glad I found Honeywell in KY because remote capabilities are probably the best feature of the security system. I don’t have to be at home to know that things are being protected, and I also don’t have to rely totally on the Kentucky alarm system’s main access panel to change important settings. All of these functions can be changed by remote access too. This includes the lights, security and heat settings. You can also get email alerts that notify you when certain changes are made to the system. If I’m currently busy when my daughter arrives at home, I can be notified by email when the front door opens. This allows me to know that she’s made it there safely.

    Having the ability to control my Lexington security system remotely and monitor my home and family’s safety has given me extra peace of mind. Being able to see my children through the technology of video also makes me feel closer to them. I would recommend a Kentucky alarm system from Modern Systems, Inc. to anyone that values a safe environment for their home.

  2. Safety Tips For Women Living Alone

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    Female headed house holds are sometimes very specific crime targets. Because of this, we would like to provide women with solid home security advice.


    One of the most important safety rules is to have layered home security, including a security system, surveillance cameras, security signs and outdoor lighting. Having a security system does not have to break the bank. With Modern Systems, you can have a basic, yet reliable system installed for less than $200. Insurance companies often give discounts to those with a home security system making the cost of monitoring just cents a day.


    In addition to a home security package, women living alone should often consider the following safety measures:


    Schedule Service Visits Carefully


    When scheduling service visits and deliveries, single women should go a step further by also arranging for a friend or family member to be present. Most laborers are trustworthy but there are occasional reports of crimes traced to individulas recently doing work in the home. To minimize the risk of being victimized by a similar crime, it is important to arrange service visits for a time when another trusted adult can also be in the home.


    Door Intercom


    There have been crimes reported where a person knocking at the door disguised him or herself as a sales person or some other non-threatening stranger. Usually the goal is to determine whether someone is home, but there is that occasion when a criminal is not deterred by a women answering the door, especially if he believe she is alone. This is where a video intercom would come in handy. Instead of approaching the door to see who is there, you can use the video intercom to view the person there and communicate with them. With this type of device a criminal is not able to peer inside or develope a good sense as to whether or not anyone else is in the home. Most importantly, however, a person is not able to strong-arm his way past a woman and forcibly enter her home.


    Panic Button


    The ability to immediately call for help is priceless. Some systems aloow you to use the key pad, a light switch or have a wireless one that you can keep with you at all times.


    Date in Public

    A woman living alone should strictly avoid hosting a first date at home or even allowing a suitor to pick her up or escort her back home. Instead, hold the first few meeting in a public place that is well-lit. Doing so will reduce the risk of being burglarized while away, as well as significantly reduce the chances of a physical crime inside the home.


    Personal Protection


    Always keep personal protection items such as pepper spray, nearby and ready to ward off an attacker. These items can be kept in a purse, on a keychain, next to the bed and other key locations that are within reach thorughout the day. Used correctly, these items can cause the criminal to flee, or stun them long enough for you to get to safety.


    Door and Window Locks


    Keep doors and windows locked at all times. If you enjoy having a window open to let in fresh air, consider getting a lock that will only allow a window to open a certain amount. Make sure you have good locks on doors and windows that can not be easily tampered with.


    Following these tips can greatly reduce your chances of being burglarized or a victim of a physical crime. For information on security, camera and intercom systems, contact Modern Systems. A sales representative will be able to give a free, no obligation consultation and quote. 1-800-252-7664


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  3. Geo-Tagging: Is Your Smartphone Telling People Where You Are?

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    Location-based tagging is a really cool way of letting friends and family keep track of you. But do we really know who is watching? With the use of social media, such as Facebook and Foursquare, on the rise, security issues associated with them are becoming all too common.



    Foursquare, a popular location-based mobile network, allows users to “check-in” at various establishments. The problem with this is you are sharing with the world exactly where you are, and where you aren’t. If you use it to check in at your home, or the home of a friend or relative, you are giving away the address of that home, making it all the easier for potential burglars and home invaders to know where you or someone else lives, and when you are and aren’t home. The same issues arise for those who “check-in” to places on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Some smart phones and devices automatically insert a line of information with each photo or location tag that can enable someone with moderate computer skills to track you and your location, with out you even telling your device to do so, and many times with out your knowledge.


    Aside from potential burglaries and home invasions, this also opens the door to “cyber-stalking.” Your routines, your location, and your friends and family can all be tracked easily. Although this rapid evolution in locational technology does not cause stalking, it definitely makes it much easier.


    So how do you protect yourself from these risks? Here are a few tips:


    1. Know if your smartphone, laptop or tablet is capable of geo-tagging. Most smartphones are and their default settings are for the geo-tagging to be on. Change the setting so it is not permitted. If you do not know if your device has these capabilities, or how to turn them off, check with your service provider. They will be able to instruct you on disabling this feature.


    2. Understand the risks involved if you decide to take advantage of location based networking. Avoid tagging the home of you or a loved one. Never tag photos of children as it can pose a risk for predators.


    3. Control who is able to see your location. Most of these social networks allow you to edit your privacy settings. Only allow those you trust to see your location and photos.


    4. Make sure your children are aware of the dangers of over sharing information. They can put the entire family at risk just as easily. Make sure to disable this feature on their devices if you do not want them using it.


  4. The Best Apps for Crime Statistics and Home Security

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    Implementing a quality home security system and strategy requires planning. Knowing your neighborhood and the types of crime that are more common allows you to plan for the type of security that will be most beneficial to you, your family and your home. Fortunately, there are a few apps that make crime searching in your neighborhood easier than ever before. The apps are not just beneficial for home security planning, but also to trips in unfamiliar areas while out on the town or on vacation. Here are a few apps that may be useful to you.


    Crime Reports

    Crimereports.com allows you to view crime reports for most areas. You just type in your location, or find it on the map and it will show icons for various types of crime where it happened. You can also view registered sex offenders living in your area. If your local police department does not report to Crime Reports, you can submit a request for that localion via the website, or by going talking with your local police. You can use the app on the website, or by downloading it from iTunes on to your phone, ipod or tablet.


    Crime Mapping

    CrimeMapping.com is one of the leaders in online crime information. The company’s primary focus is providing law enforcement agencies with tools for informing the people about crimes in the area. You can also view your area’s rankings to national averages and filter crimes to focus only on things related to home security, such as burglary and vandalism. You can use this app on their website or download it for free from iTunes onto your phone, iPod or tablet. If it is not offered in your location, you can submit a request via their website for them to report on your location.


    Crime Stats

    Crime Stats list local crimes by location and type of crime such as Violent Crimes and Property Crimes.



    Total Connect allows you to operate your security system from anywhere, anytime. You can control your thermostat, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, arm and disarm your systems, view video and receive alerts, all on your computer, smart phone, iPod or tablet. Talk to your security provider for information on how to get the Total Connect App.


  5. Making Your House More Energy Efficient Helps The Environment and Your Wallet

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    Do something good for your family, your pocketbook, and the environment. Make your home a little greener. A few simple changes in your house can go a long way to lower high energy bills and protect the environment. To be green, you’ve got to be efficient. Here are a few ways Modern Systems can help make your home a little greener.


    1. Lighting

    • Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs use 66% less energy than a standard incodescent bulb and last up to ten time longer.
    • Making sure your lights are turned off when not in use can cut back on your energy costs.
    • Having a Lynx Touch security system from Modern Systems with Total Connect can help you. With lighting control, you can control your lighting from anywhere using a PC, smartphone or tablet.


    2. Heating and Cooling

    • Almost half of a home’s energy consumption is due to heating and cooling.
    • Each degree below 68 F during colder weather saves 3%-5% more heating energy, while keeping it at 78 F in warmer weather will save you energy and money.
    • Modern Systems’ Lynx Touch with Total Connect gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat from anywhere. When you are at work or away, simply adjust the temperature to 68 F in colder weather and 78 F in warmer weather. Before you arrive home, set it back to a temperature you feel comfortable in. By the time you arrive home, the temperature will be exactly what is most comforable to you.


    3. Electronics

    • Electronics left on can make the meter run up just as much as your lights. Control4 can help with that. Not only does Control4 allow you to control lighting and thermostat like the Lynx Touch, it also enables you to control virtually any appliance in your home.
    • Make sure all TVs, radios, and other electronics are all turned off from anywhere you are.
    • Adjust the thermostat and turn on ceiling fans to maintain a cool temperature in your house while you are away.


    For more information on how Modern Systems can make your house a greener, more energy effiecient Smart Home, give us a call. 1-800-252-7664


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  6. Security For Peace Of Mind With Access Control In Kentucky

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    Modern Systems, Inc is a premier Kentucky alarm and security firm offering customized security products and services in Kentucky and surrounding states. The firm was founded in 1979 and prides itself on extraordinary customer service and satisfaction. It is now the largest independent company of its kind in Kentucky and offers a unique array of customized products with competitive pricing and professional service.

    Each customer receives a customized security system based on his or her individual wants and needs. Interviews with families help determine exact protection concerns that are unique to them. Systems and services are designed specifically with their families in mind. Customers can expect to receive state-of-the-art products and support from trained knowledgeable technicians.

    Modern Systems, Inc offers Kentucky alarm services with the benefit of trained professionals monitoring systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This feature provides customers with added peace of mind when they are at home or away. The First Alert Professional Security System detects any abnormality in the home such as an intruder or fire and notifies the proper authorities. As Kentucky alarm specialists, every effort is made to design a customized system to meet individual security needs.

    As an established Access Control provider in Kentucky, the installed security features are designed to provide customers with reliable security services. The Access Control provider in Lexington integrates a variety of security features such as intrusion monitoring and video verification in a simple control system. Access Control in Kentucky gives the customer the ability to remotely control and manage systems from any location.

    The user-friendly interface features of Access Control in Lexington systems simplify the management process. All Access Control Kentucky and Access Control Lexington control solutions are Web-based and easy to install and use. They are designed to provide a variety of options for maximum customized security.

    Strong durable driveway gates for residential or commercial properties provide an added touch of security. The gates serve as a security checkpoint as well as adding an attractive architectural feature to any property. A reliable entrance gate system is affordable and built to last for several years.

    Video surveillance systems help parents monitor a baby’s room, children’s playground, swimming pool or identify a caller at the front door. Monitor the activity in any room of the house on any television in the home. These discreetly installed systems provide an extra layer of safety and security.

    A personally designed communication system inside the home serves several unique purposes. A system that features a wide range of options provides a telephone system with a state-of-the-art intercom system. Tailor the telephone system to meet the varied needs of the home. Assign only specific lines for certain phones, forward any call to an outside phone or easily make conference calls from any phone. Operate the room-to-room intercom and page all extensions with one button.

    Even though technology changes rapidly, structured wiring systems that integrate security, Internet, lighting and other technologies can be upgraded to meet future needs. These structured systems provide maximum performance for top-notch technology today and tomorrow. More families depend on electronic lifestyles to provide them with a sense of security and peace of mind.