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  1. Lexington Security Alarm Systems Offer Home Safety & Remote Capabilities

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    As someone with a family of five living in Lexington, it’s important to me and our family’s safety that a Honeywell alarm system be installed in our home. I watch the news and I see the crime that seems to grow day by day and will not be a victim of someone breaking into my home and stealing from me or worse yet, causing harm to my family. It wasn’t long ago that I heard of a break-in occurring just up the street in a neighborhood close to me. That family wasn’t protected and ended up getting robbed when they were away on a vacation. Who knows if that would’ve happened if they had already installed a Kentucky alarm system to protect their assets and family?

    When I was a kid, we locked our doors and used deadbolts for safety, but Lexington security has changed from those years. It’s amazing what these Honeywell KY security systems can do. I was blown away by the sophistication and capabilities that the alarm system could provide. The brains and accessibility of the unit is controlled by a central access panel. Security, thermostat settings and lights in the house can all be operated by accessing the central panel. Touchscreen technology makes the unit simple and easy to use – which is a good thing when you have young kids that need to use the unit too. My 12-year-old daughter accesses the system when she comes home from school. It makes me feel safe knowing that she’s protected.

    In fact, I went all out when I installed this Lexington security system in my home and added security cameras to the front entryway and specific rooms that I wanted to monitor. When my daughter gets home from school, I can actually log in and see real-time video of her at home. The main living area is right inside the home after you enter through the front door. She knows that she’s supposed to work on homework there and watch some TV before I get home from my job. I can keep tabs on her and make sure that she’s doing what she supposed to do by watching the video and texting her if I don’t see any activity. This technology is truly amazing.

    I’m so glad I found Honeywell in KY because remote capabilities are probably the best feature of the security system. I don’t have to be at home to know that things are being protected, and I also don’t have to rely totally on the Kentucky alarm system’s main access panel to change important settings. All of these functions can be changed by remote access too. This includes the lights, security and heat settings. You can also get email alerts that notify you when certain changes are made to the system. If I’m currently busy when my daughter arrives at home, I can be notified by email when the front door opens. This allows me to know that she’s made it there safely.

    Having the ability to control my Lexington security system remotely and monitor my home and family’s safety has given me extra peace of mind. Being able to see my children through the technology of video also makes me feel closer to them. I would recommend a Kentucky alarm system from Modern Systems, Inc. to anyone that values a safe environment for their home.