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  1. The Ultimate Man Cave: Part 3

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    The perfect lighting is key in the construction of the personal refuge fit to be called The Ultimate Man Cave. Basements can be dark and gloomy, and while actual caves usually share these same traits, these are elements you do not want in your man cave. Without the right lighting system, chances are you won’t get the most out of the space you’ve invested in.


    Here are a few lighting essentials you’ll want your perfect entertainment space to have:

    • – Lighting control systems – Working from the back end, a lighting control system allows hosts to dim fixtures to produce comfortable lighting scenes. This is where Modern Systems comes in. Through Control4, we can give you the ability to control all of your lighting with one single action. About to watch a movie? With just the tap of a button, your lights dim to your specified amount.
    • -Layered lighting – Incorporating a variety of illumination sources like step, wall and recessed lighting, will improve both the safety and aesthetics in your room. The beauty of today’s lighting options is that multiple fixture styles are available to suit a variety of preferences.


    Another important factor to consider when constructing your man cave is temperature control. It needs to be comfortable without breaking the bank. We have several products that allow you to control your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can use less energy when you are not using the space by turning the temperature up a few degrees in warm weather and down in cold weather. Shortly before you would like to spend some time in your Man Cave, simply set the thermostat back to your desired temperature. You can even set actions in which the thermostat will adjust itself according to the setting you have specified.


    Imagine sitting back in your chair, letting the stresses of the day fade away as you enjoy your favorite movie on your flat panel TV with your surround sound system. The picture and sound are perfect, but you begin to grow a little uncomfortable. You realize your forgot to dim the lights and it is beginning to get a bit chilly in the room. Instead of peeling yourself out of your chair and tampering with the lights and thermostat, imagine just picking up your remote and with the tap of a button, your lights are dim and your HVAC has been turned to your preferred temperature. This doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Through the use of Control4 products you can automate your man cave so that it functions for you! Call today for more information.



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