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  1. Lexington Home and Fire Security Systems

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    According to a news release published April 2013 by the National Fire Protection Association, seven people died in house fires every day between the years 2007 and 2011. In those five years, an estimated 320 households reported fires in their homes.

    The vice president of communications for the National Fire Protection Association says that three out of five of those deaths could have been prevented with working smoke alarms used in conjunction with home sprinkler systems.

    The top fire safety tips from the NFPA include some common sense tactics to avoid fires like keeping matches and lighters out of the reach of children and extinguishing candles when leaving a room or going to sleep.

    They recommend that homeowners inspect electrical cords regularly and replace cords that are frayed, cracked or broken. This is especially true of appliances where the cords are behind and not visible. Mice or household pets can gnaw on the plastic coating without the homeowner being aware of it.

    When cooking, do not walk away from the stove for long periods of time. Check food regularly and don’t leave the house while food is cooking.

    Along with those safety tips, they recommend having an escape plan in the event of a fire. They advise homeowners to install working smoke alarms and residential sprinklers in the home. In the NFPA’s news release, they reported that 60 percent of the home fire deaths were in homes with no smoke alarms or smoke alarms that weren’t operational.

    For residents concerned about home security in Lexington, Modern Systems Inc. has alarm systems that can integrate important services like security monitoring with fire and smoke alarm services.

    Modern Systems understands that homeowners want to protect their homes from theft, but they want to keep their family safe overall, so they have more monitoring to their home security services. When you fall asleep at night, or leave your home for the day, you want to be sure your home is safe. Not only your home, but that your family is safe. This security is essential.

    By providing home security systems with various expandable monitoring packages, Modern Systems gives residents peace of mind. They are able to choose the right system for their needs. Whether they need fire protection, flood protection, carbon monoxide or alarms for medical emergencies, they will be covered with Modern Systems.

    For KY fire protection to be effective, the alarm system must be monitored by professionals. An alarm system that doesn’t ring into a central location isn’t helpful. Modern Systems’; fire detection system will detect a fire in the home, alert the monitoring office, and the security professionals will send the fire department to the scene quickly.

    The alarm system doesn’t require a phone line. Home security in Lexington has advanced so that alarm systems now use wireless internet and internal GSM Radio to alert the security offices.

    Residents concerned with KY fire protection will be able to choose an alarm system perfect for their home and their circumstances and keep them safe while preserving peace of mind.

  2. Modern Systems Inc. Security and Entertainment Systems

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    The home security Lexington-based Modern Systems Inc offers top-notch, professional monitoring and protection services. Our company is able to confidently secure both residential and commercial locations through state-of-the-art security systems and technology services. The security KY state company will protect individuals and families from invasion, theft, and harm, so you can rest easy.

    One cannot afford to go without Modern Systems Inc. security  services. Protecting valuable assets is necessary in modern times where criminals can easily take advantage of unprotected and uninsured victims. In addition, many burglars are deterred when the presence of an alarm system is detected. Customers can rely on the home security Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. to offer exceptional security and value to its customers throughout each second of need.

    Services offered by the Lexington security provider include alarms designed to protect against burglary, fire and even environmental disasters. Camera systems are available for constant surveillance that instantly alert the residents if anyone enters the area. Gate systems allow one to practically secure their property and surrounding areas from theft and vandalism. The Control 4 system is an all-in-one security system that can make home automation a reality. You can manage various services through a smart phone device, making it more convenient to keep tabs on the property. The Control 4 system can regulate garage doors, lighting, air conditioning, television, and entertainment within the home through wireless products. In addition, home theatre systems are available to add sharp images and incredible sound to enhance one’s media library for an entertaining cinema experience.

    Lexington security by Modern Systems Inc is the innovative choice for small businesses or extensive retail chains. Businesses can customize the camera system to operate in both single or multiple locations. The alarm systems allow employees to work and thrive within a safe environment. Access control systems are available to monitor facilities and restrict building access to only employees through a keycard, keypad, or photo identification screening. Commercial phone systems allow one to utilize technology convergence for ideal business communication. Custom audio and video solutions allow an owner to create a package based on specific requirements.

    Modern Systems Inc. is a leading source in security and home entertainment that is superior and affordable on any budget. Professional services and installation allow a convenient and solid installation and training for its high-quality products. Round-the-clock monitoring ensures safety of the premises from potential intruders to one’s home or business. The leading security KY state company offers complete surveillance and protection for less than one dollar a day.

    The home security that Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. provides is second to none in the industry with its advanced alarms and unique customizable services. Every individual has the right to protect and preserve their property and themselves from danger and damage. The Lexington security and technology provider offers dependable commercial and residential service in daily performance. Do not hesitate to contact Modern Systems Inc. to make an appointment, where friendly representatives will help to answer any questions.

  3. DIY Home Security Tips

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    By now I am sure you are aware of the many ways Modern Systems is able to help protect you, your family, home or business. Now what can you do to add even more protection? Let’s start with some DIY home security tips to get you going.


    Securing Doors And Windows

    • • It is important to have strong and solid doors for exterior entrances. Solid, heavy wood or metal doors are some of the strongest.
    • • Dead bolt locks offer added protection against a door being kicked in. Installing a door jamb brace will also aid in protection.
    • • Make sure you have non-removable hinges secured with screws around 3 inches long.
    • • Keep all doors and windows in your home locked when you are away.
    • • Treat all windows and sliding glass doors with glass protection film. This will help against them being broken for entry.
    • • Install anti-lift mechanisms to the interiors of windows that slide up and down, and insert a metal or wooden rod into the tracks of patio doors and windows that slide sideways.


    Landscaping For Home Security

    • • Keep bushes and hedges cut down around doors and windows. You do not want to give a potential burglar a place to hide.
    • • Consider planting bushes that are sharp or prickly around windows to keep someone from wanting to hide in them.
    • • Remember that every thing you plant could potentially become a hiding place for a burglar. Plan your landscaping accordingly.


    Lighting and Timers

    • • Having lights and a television on all of the time, day and night, can be a sign to any one watching that you are away. Instead, consider installing timers on your lights and tv or having a home automation system for control from anywhere in the world. Call a sales representative for more information on lighting and electronics control. 1-800-252-7664
    • • Add LED security motion lighting to the perimeter around your home.


    Make a plan to burglarize yourself. This way you can find all of the ways someone can enter your home. Look for hiding spots, areas where valuables are visible, and easy entrances to your home. There is no better way to completely protect your home than to understand what needs added security and protection.


    Installing a home security system will add another layer of protection to your home. Call a sales representative today for a free, no obligation consultation and quote. Modern Systems has been giving home owners in Lexington, KY, Bowling Green, KY , Somerset, KY and surrounding areas peace of mind since 1979. We are one of the largest home security companies in Kentucky and surrounding states.



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  4. Home Theaters And Smart Homes By Modern Systems Inc

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    If you are looking to upgrade your home security in Lexington to feel more protected or have your entertainment center jump at the push of a button Modern Systems Inc. will help you on your way to Smart Home glory.

    Your family’s entertainment is important, keeping them happy is wonderful and a home theater in Kentucky might be just what the doctor ordered but their safety and security are first and foremost, with Modern Systems Inc. you can solve both problems quickly and efficiently and get o?n living your life in the revolution of a Smart Home in KY. Everything is push button controlled from the internet so you can have complete domain over every detail of your home.

    Installation of cameras, fire alarms, gates and home theaters, all controllable through an application called Control4. Control4 allows you full featured access to your home from anywhere in the world. It will be your one stop for everything having to do with you household needs. Whether there is motion in the backyard or your garage doors opened unexpectedly, you will be notified immediately. Control4 allows you to manage the temperature inside your home while you are on the couch or away on business. Save money on heating and cooling by staying on top of in-climate weather. Keep your home secure with live-feed cameras you can access from anywhere in the world at the push of a few buttons. Nothing will be beyond your watchful eyes, no matter where you are.

    Now that you are safe within your four walls, what can you do to make it more fun? A home theater in Kentucky is a great way to get you and your family together for an evening movie night or even just to watch your favorite shows. We will transform a room in your house to be the perfect place to congregate and relax. We can either create a movie theater environment specific to a single room or take your living room and fit it with the most high tech system in the world, all controllable just like the rest of your house.

    You will be able to peruse your media library or watch your security cameras from the same console because of your smart home in KY. You can turn the music down in your bathroom or the lights on in your kitchen, from anywhere in the world. This next-level technology can be in your hands in a matter of days, not weeks. Home security in Lexington will be able to fulfill your most grandiose desires with our always up to date hardware and software. You will get tried and true equipment that works and lasts so that years down the road you can still get all of the same benefit as the day we handed you your remote control.

    A smart home KY will be a decision you will never regret, and if you move will want again. Get addicted to this technology in a good way with your home theater Kentucky or your home security Lexington that does its job right the first time and every time after that.


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  5. Home Security System Protection In Lexington

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    The best security systems are the ones that offer complete protection for you and your family. The main reason for home security is to stop burglars from breaking in. In addition a home security system should protect families from other emergencies like carbon monoxide and fire. It should be able to protect the secured and vulnerable areas of the house. There is no way to predict when a burglar will break into the home or when a fire will break out. Home security in Lexington can ease the thought of danger by at least 90% because it is watching when you aren’t. Learn more about home security: the reasons why, security packages and home wireless technology.

    There are reasons why a Honeywell Kentucky security system will work for the family. The obvious reason is safety from criminals. A burglar scopes out the area first before making their move. The person will not take a chance on a home that has security installed. To them the home is not worth breaking into for fear of getting caught. The criminal will move on to a home that has no security. Don’t think it won’t happen; no area is safe from danger. The other reason is lowering home insurance. People don’t have the money to pay insurance premiums, so investing in a Commercial Security KY home system will decrease theft as well as home insurance because it pays for itself.

    Most Honeywell security systems come in one security package at a low price. The company should also offer cheaper packages and/or individual offers. Lack

    fast payday loans

    of financial stability may hinder a person from getting full protection, and there should be inexpensive options out there that will protect their home just as good as pricier options. Most security packages have surveillance cameras, fire protection KY, fire alarms, motion sensors and motion detection lights. Depending on the company there will be additions the family may want to add for extra security or as a necessity. Commercial Security, for example, has added phone systems, Video/Sound Systems, wiring (combining security, cable/satellite, audio/video, phone and internet using cables) and entrance gates. Determine what to add now from the budget and what to add later on. If the budget allows add everything now. As long as there is some home security system installed the family will remain protected.

    Home security systems have upgraded. Because of this it has been easier to manage. It used to be that one area of the house became command central. Every security product installed in the home will send information to this room filled with television screens and control buttons. Now Modern Systems is offering Control4, a wireless program that manages the home at home or on the go. It can be installed on televisions, computers and mobile devices. This is a great way to gain control over everything in the home–the security system, temperature and every day TV functions; on top of that it is very easy to use.

    Modern Systems is one of the best. Since 1979 they take pride in making sure families are safe. A good system will secure the home from all parameters, and home security Lexington is the one company every family should have on their side.