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  1. The Best Apps for Crime Statistics and Home Security

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    Implementing a quality home security system and strategy requires planning. Knowing your neighborhood and the types of crime that are more common allows you to plan for the type of security that will be most beneficial to you, your family and your home. Fortunately, there are a few apps that make crime searching in your neighborhood easier than ever before. The apps are not just beneficial for home security planning, but also to trips in unfamiliar areas while out on the town or on vacation. Here are a few apps that may be useful to you.


    Crime Reports

    Crimereports.com allows you to view crime reports for most areas. You just type in your location, or find it on the map and it will show icons for various types of crime where it happened. You can also view registered sex offenders living in your area. If your local police department does not report to Crime Reports, you can submit a request for that localion via the website, or by going talking with your local police. You can use the app on the website, or by downloading it from iTunes on to your phone, ipod or tablet.


    Crime Mapping

    CrimeMapping.com is one of the leaders in online crime information. The company’s primary focus is providing law enforcement agencies with tools for informing the people about crimes in the area. You can also view your area’s rankings to national averages and filter crimes to focus only on things related to home security, such as burglary and vandalism. You can use this app on their website or download it for free from iTunes onto your phone, iPod or tablet. If it is not offered in your location, you can submit a request via their website for them to report on your location.


    Crime Stats

    Crime Stats list local crimes by location and type of crime such as Violent Crimes and Property Crimes.



    Total Connect allows you to operate your security system from anywhere, anytime. You can control your thermostat, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, arm and disarm your systems, view video and receive alerts, all on your computer, smart phone, iPod or tablet. Talk to your security provider for information on how to get the Total Connect App.