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School Security
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School Security

In today’s society, the question of “why is school security important” is answered simply by looking at the increasing number of incidences of violence in our schools. A safe learning environment is crucial for students of all ages to be able to focus on learning the information and skills necessary for a successful education and future. Did you know that a school is three times more likely to be burglarized than a business, and vandalism costs schools more than $1 billion a year. According to the National Education Association, more than 2,000 students and nearly 40 teachers are physically attacked on school grounds every day.

Modern Systems understands the dilemma many schools face when it comes to balancing the need for security and the limited budget. That is why we created Operation Security Blanket, a program that offers low-cost security solutions to Kentucky school systems.

A Comprehensive Approach to Kentucky School Security
Modern Systems can provide a comprehensive approach to a school’s security plan. We can help to create a system that protects your school in the best possible way.

Call one of our Systems Representatives at 1-800-252-7664 for a free consultation. Modern Systems has offices in Lexington, Somerset and Bowling Green and serves all surrounding areas.

  • Panic Alarm Systems We can supply you with panic alarm buttons placed strategically throughout the school. When one is pressed, it will immediately contact emergency services and will send a mass notification text to faculty and staff alerting them of the situation.
  • School Surveillance Systems CCTV surveillance cameras provide you with the ability to see all the things you have been missing. Keep an eye on areas where a large amount of students congregate such as the gym, hallways, cafeteria, the school yard and more.
  • Access Control Systems for Schools Only let those in the building who have business being there. With electronic access control systems, you have the ability to control who has access to the building, and when they have access. When coupled with an intercom system, you can allow parents and others inside when they need to be there.
  • Access and Barrier Gates We can design custom access and barrier gates for your school.
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