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Residential Burglar & Fire Alarm
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Residential Burglar & Fire Alarm

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We are a leading security & entertainment company servicing all of Kentucky. With offices in Lexington, Somerset & Bowling Green a professional representative is always nearby.

Selecting the appropriate type of burglar alarm to protect your home and family may be one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Modern Systems will help to make sure that you choose the correct system to protect your valuables; but more importantly, we will give you a secure feeling when you sleep or are away from your home.

You may wonder exactly how a security system works. Well, it is simple. You simply arm your Honeywell security system before leaving the house, or put it into stay mode while you are home. If someone breaks a window, opens a door or if there is motion detected where there shouldn’t be, an alert is sent to our central monitoring station. The monitoring station then calls your home to be sure it is not a false alarm, if there is no answer, or if the incorrect pass code is given, emergency services are then contacted and then dispatched to your home.

When you trust Modern Systems to provide you with their products and services, your family can rest assured that the environmental risks in your home can be easily managed. Contact Modern Systems today, the alarm company Kentucky residents trust.

Benefits of a Modern Systems Home Security System

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Your home will be monitored by security professionals 24 hours a day to ensure quick response time in the event of an alarm, fire or other emergency.
  • No Phone Line Needed: The security panel can send alarm signals to the central station over phone lines, Internet and internal GSM Radio.
  • Easy to Use: Touch screen security panel.
  • Advanced Protection Logic: Add-on option enables your system to work during “smash and grab” robberies.
  • Fully Expandable: Our home security is fully expandable, to protect you from burglary, fire, theft, panic, flood, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies.

Get Totally Connected

With the tap of a finger, the Total Connect Remote Services app lets you control your security system using your smartphone or computer.
Take Your Home Security With You Anywhere

  • Arm/disarm your system
  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Control your thermostat
  • Control lighting
  • View cameras
  • Open and close garage doors
  • Receive weather alerts
  • Receive event triggered alerts on your phone
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Totally Connected
Anywhere, Anytime.
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