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CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is one of the most important security tools we have available to you today. Statistics show that shrinkage and internal theft costs us more than $500 billion annually!

Closed Circuit Television is a video surveillance system that allows you to watch high risk areas or sensitive transactions.
Activity can be continuously recorded to spot “slip and fall” fraud, and potential theft in delivery and cash register areas. This type of Commercial security will also be able to address employee safety issues. We offer both indoor and outdoor security cameras that can be mounted in locations such as parking lots, entryways and hallways to deter intruders and to keep employees safe on company premises.

With our recorder you have instant access and can check out any number of business locations from your laptop or with any Microsoft Windows compatible computer. And, with our recorders, all images are available at all times. The recording process goes on undisturbed even while viewing stored images from any location.

Our IP cameras offer the quality of an HD security camera with the functionalities of wifi security cameras and PTZ cameras all while providing you with instant access to live video from any computer. The image quality of these cameras are spectacular; the image is clearer, allows for a closer zoom while still retaining detail, records a wider range of space, and can be remotely configured.

Modern Systems offers a wide range of video surveillance options. Whether you are looking for covert cameras (hidden surveillance cameras), HD security cameras, IP Cameras, wireless security camera systems, or PTZ cameras (pan, tilt and zoom), we can provide the best solution for your business. Give us a call today and see for yourself!

  • Top Quality The quality of our cameras are top of the line. They have the ability to give high definition video, record at night, and in inclimate weather.
  • View Live Anywhere, Anytime You can view your cameras live from your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world
  • Motion Activated Should you have an incident, you don’t have to view hours of video. Our systems can be set up to record only when there is activity.
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