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Bar & Restaurants
Complete control from the palm of your hand
Custom Audio/Video
  • Convenient control of all tv’s and speakers from a single user interface.
  • Customizeable – Program all of your video displays and speakers to turn on and off automatically at pre-set times, such as open and close.
  • Expandable – Easily expand your system to include more TV’s, speakers, and even automation such has temperature and lighting control.
Burglar & Fire Alarm

Benefits of a Modern Systems Commercial Security System

  • 24/7 Monitoring Your business will be monitored by security professionals 24 hours a day to ensure quick response time in the event of an alarm, fire or other emergency.
  • No Phone Line Needed The security panel can send alarm signals to the central station over phone lines, Internet and internal GSM Radio.
  • Easy to Use Touch screen security panel.
  • Fully Expandable Our security is fully expandable, to protect you from burglary, fire, theft, panic, flood, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies.
Access Control

Access Control System Benefits:

  • Control Who Goes Where and When Quickly assign who has access to certain areas and what time they can access them.
  • Restrict Access Allow only certain individuals access to sensitive areas and track who accessed, or tried to access, that area and when they did.
  • No More Rekeying Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves, simply deactivate their card or access code.
  • Expandable Remotely administer and control access to remote sites through one interface
  • For more in depth information, watch the video at the bottom of this page.
  • Top Quality Our cameras have the ability to give high definition video, record at night, and in inclimate weather.
  • View Live Anywhere, Anytime You can view your cameras live from your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world
  • Motion Activated Should you have an incident, you don’t have to view hours of video. Our systems can be set up to record only when there is activity.
Phone/PA Systems
  • Voicemail to Email Have each voicemail sent instantly to your email address.
  • Remote Extension Have an IP phone link to your phone system if needed in a home office or second location.
  • Easy Expansion System can easily expand should the need arise.
  • Record-A-Call Capture important information during calls by pressing the record button.
Totally Connected
Anywhere, Anytime.
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