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Tractors, trailers, tools and other equipment are a necessity to farmers and don’t come cheap. With out these items, many farmers may find themselves unable to efficiently perform their job. Having a way to monitor and protect them is vital. Soon, Modern Systems will begin offering GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking, which will offer a valuable solution to those needing to protect their big ticket equipment.

GPS Tracking

When installed, the GPS Tracker will allow you to see the location of your equipment using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Track up to 20 vehicles and assets on a single account. Receive a notification is something is moved or taken, or if the tracking device is tampered with.

“Geo-fencing” capabilities allow you to set boundaries that an item either needs to stay within, or can not go in. If the boundaries are crossed, you will receive a notification instantly.

With Vehicle Tracking Services you have on demand location, speed of travel and history information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Track up to 20 vehicles and assets via Google Maps, view five-minute tracking “breadcrumbs” and access a 90-day event history from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Keep an eye out on Modern Systems’ facebook page for the upcoming release date for Tracking Services, and for more blogs outlining the many features of our Vehicle Tracking Services.

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