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As you know, crime has increased and is continuing to do so in larger cities, spilling out into smaller communities that once held low crime rates.

Believing that it can only happen to someone else and not taking preventative actions or preparing yourself makes you the perfect victim criminals are looking for.

Criminals typically prefer easy targets. Making yourself less of a target is much simpler than you might believe.

Your Home

In order to make sure your home isn’t seen as an easy target by potential burglars, there are a few easy steps you can take.

  • 1. Make sure your hedges and landscaping in your yard does not provide easy cover. Be sure to keep bushes or trees in front of windows trimmed down so they can not be used as cover when trying to gain entry into your home.
  • 2. Enforce the locks and hinges on your door with screws that are at least 2 inches long. This makes it much harder for someone to use forced entry.
  • 3. Be sure high priced items are not visible through the windows to someone walking or driving down the road.
  • 4. The biggest step you can take in protecting your home is to have a monitored burglar alarm installed and display the security company’s sign in a visible location in your yard. Homes without a home security alarm are 3 times more likely to be broken in to.

Your Car

Your vehicle can become a quick and easy target, no matter where you may be. Taking just a few steps can spare you from the horrible feeling you get when walking up to your vehicle and realizing the window has been broken and your possessions stolen.

  • 1. If you have a GPS or any other devices your normally leave out while driving, hide them in the glove box or under your seat when you are not in your vehicle.
  • 2. Be sure the doors are locked and that there are no items in your car that may entice someone to steal.
  • 3. Install a car alarm. Criminals hate to have attention drawn to them while they are stealing. Having sirens blare will deter the criminal and cause them to flee.


You could take all precautions and steps to prevent being a victim of crime, but sometimes, you may find yourself in a potential dangerous situation anyways. Knowing how to defend yourself against attackers can save your life.

  • 1. Take self defense classes.
  • 2. Be aware of your surroundings when you are in a vulnerable situation, whether it be walking in a dark area, being home alone, or getting in and out of your car in non-crowded areas.
  • 3. Carry protection with you. It could be a can of pepper spray, a taser, a gun, or even a baseball bat.
  • 4. Most importantly, don’t ever talk yourself into believing that you will never fall victim to crime. It can happen to anyone.

Modern Systems has been providing Kentucky residents and businesses with security and automation technology for 35 years. Office locations are in Somerset, Bowling Green and Lexington although service expands to all surrounding areas. If you are interested in protecting your home or business, call 800-252-7664 for a free, no obligation consultation and quote.

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