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Memorial Day weekend is a time of bar-b-ques, family and vacations. Unfortunately burglars view the time for a vacation a little differently from you or me… for them, it is a time of opportunity to burglarize your home for cash, credit cards, and valuables.


Here are a few tips to help keep your home protected while you and your loved ones are away enjoying the Memorial Day with friends and family.


Do Not Advertise Your Travel Plans


However your home looks when you are home, is how it needs to look when you are away. Consider buying timers for your lights or having home automation which allows you to turn your lights on or off from your smartphone and gives you the ability to set “scenes” ahead of time so your lights come on and off automatically at times you have set. Our Lynx Touch and Tuxedo Touch security systems give you the ability to control your lights from your panel, and when coupled with Total Connect, you have the ability to control them straight from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Not only does your home need to look like someone is still occupied inside of it, it needs to look like it is also being tended to in its normal manner. Especially in the spring, when rain showers and warmer weather are condusive to faster growing lawns and gardens, it is important to make sure your lawn stays well manicured to further the perception that you are home. Ask a friend, family member or trusted neighbor to mow the lawn and trim the bushes while you are away, or hire a lawn care service to do it for you. Remember to stop mail and newspaper delivery or have someone pick it up for you. Over flowing mailboxes and a pile of papers at the end of the drive way are a dead giveaway that you are away.


Avoid posting your travel plans on social networking sites. You never know who may see them. Also, avoid posting pictures of your vacation until you return home.


Update and Secure Your Home Entry Points


Windows and doors are main entry points into your home. Make sure they are secure. A solid door with updated locks and a window with locks can be the deciding factor in whether or not your home is a good target. Easy target homes are the ones most often broken in to.


People often have the misconception that a deadbolt lock will keep you secure. The area around the dealbolt needs to be secure as well. Use atleast 3 inch screws when securing your locks and be sure the door ways are solid and strong. If the doorway gives in when someone tries to kick in your door, the type of locks you have no longer matter.


Be Very Aware Of Your Surroundings


Most burglars live in the neighborhood in which they commit the crime. When loading your luggage into your car, be sure to look around and make sure no one is watching, otherwise they may notice that you are leaving your home for an unspecified amount of time and see it as an opportunity.


Get A Home Security System


The biggest deterrent for burglars is an alarm system. According to statistics from a 2009 study by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, an installed burglar alarm makes a home less attractive to intruders by 20 percent. Not only does it protect your home, but may help protect your neighbors’ as well. It has been found that neighborhoods where security systems are present are less likely to be a target for burglaries.


Modern Systems offers top of the line home security systems. With a trusted brand like Honeywell, you know you are getting reliable products. Whether you are in need of a simple system with a few door and window contacts, or a more complex system with sirens, cameras and remote access from your smart phone, we can help. Call and talk with a Systems Representative for a free, no obligation consultation and quote. 1-800-252-7664


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