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Well, it is now 2 weeks in to 2014 and many of us, including myself, have yet to decide on a New Year’s Resolution. Why not commit yourself to protecting your home? According to FBI statistics, there were 8.9 million reported property crimes in the U.S. in 2012. That means about one in every 35 people fell victim to property crime.

Let’s break that down a little bit. In Lexington, KY there are about 300,000+ residents. According to the national trend, that would mean about 8,600 residents fall victim to property crime in a year. In Somerset, KY that number would be about 325 residents and in Bowling Green, KY it would be about 1,750 residents in a year. Why not invest just a little bit of your time this year into improving your chances and securing your home. Here are a few resolutions you can make to make your home a whole lot more secure.

1. Install a Burglar Alarm Did you know that homes with out a security system are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than homes that do have a monitored security alarm in their home? Security systems are not as expensive as they once were and are far more reliable. With cellular communication and battery backup your system will continue to have contact with the central monitoring station in the event of a power outage or cut phone lines. Modern Systems offers affordable and reliable burglar alarm systems. Call 1-800-252-7664 for a free consultation and quote.

2. Landscaping Believe it or not the way your lawn is landscaped can determine whether or not you fall victim to property crime. Large shrubs near windows can give a potential burglar a place to hide while trying to gain access to your home. Take a look at your yard, if there is a bush near an entry point in your home large enough to provide cover for an adult, cut it back.

3. Keys Having multiple house keys can actually pose a risk. If one is misplaced or lands in the hands of someone unworthy of your trust, it could give direct access into your home. Never hide a key outside your home and only give keys to people you can trust. If one becomes lost, make sure to rekey your doors. Seem like a lot of trouble for a single missing key? There is a solution to that. You could have automated locks on your doors that you can control using your smartphone. A security system from Modern System has many capabilities. One of them so happens to be the ability to communicate with certain locks. You could lock and unlock your door using your security panel, smartphone or computer. You can assign codes to certain people when you need to so you eliminate the need for multiple sets of keys. Call 1-800-252-7664 for more information.

You work hard for the things you have, take a little bit of time to ensure they are protected and secure. Give Modern Systems a call. We make security simple. 1-800-252-7664

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