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When it comes to protecting your home from potential intruders, it would be best not to lend credence to the myths surrounding home security systems. Although there is plenty of misinformation out there, knowing the facts about Kentucky security and Honeywell dealers will allow you to make an informed decision about this valuable service that has been proven to protect property and save lives.

Myth #1: Professional Security Services are Too Expensive

One of the more prevalent works of fiction is that home security systems are not affordable. The truth is there are multiple configurations of security systems that are appropriate for your home. These run the gamut from the very affordable to elaborate and expensive. However, the vast bulk of the alarm systems available today are under $100, and some are available for free depending on the terms of the contract. The price is dependent on your own personal demands for a home security system.

Myth #2: I’ll Have to Sign a Lengthy Contract

An additional misunderstanding is that a home security system contract is lengthy. That is entirely untrue. While a longer contract can lower the monthly cost, this is considered a discount and is offered by most home security providers. In the majority of instances, the lengthiest contract you will see is three years. It is more likely that you will come across a month-to-month contract that is affordable and suits your needs.

Myth #3: My Pet Will Trigger the Alarm Continuously

A few people believe that a pet in the house will make it nearly impractical to depend on a home security alarm system because the alarm will be activated repeatedly as the pet roams around the house. In truth, a motion sensor is just one of the numerous options that are available home security systems. Modern options offer “pet friendly” motion detectors. There is also an option to have motion sensors augmented with a window sensor designed to detect breaking glass.

Myth #4: Alarm Systems Aren’t Necessary When You Live in a Safe Neighborhood

When you live in a low-crime state like Kentucky, security is usually far from people’s minds. Though the neighborhoods in our state are generally safe, one should never assume his or her home is completely secure. When it comes to protecting your home and family, it’s a good idea to be prepared, because many criminals view homes without security systems as easy targets.

To find out more about ways to protect your home, contact Modern Systems Inc. Honeywell dealers for more than 30 years, Modern Systems Inc. can help you make an informed decision about home security based on factual information rather than mythology.

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