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Once inside your home, a burglar wants to steal as many valuables as possible in as little time as possible. That means grabbing anything that he can easily take that has a high re-sale value. There are certain items in a home a burglar just can not resist, and these items are usually stored in the same locations in many households making them even easier for the burglar to get to quickly.

    10 Things a Burglar Can’t Resist

  • 1. Cash – Essentially, this is the main thing a burglar wants. It can not be traced, it is easy to conceal and it’s value is known right from the start. The best way to protect your cash is to store it in a safe that is bolted to the floor.
  • 2. Tools and Building Supplies – Sometimes a burglar does not even need to make it into your home to steal your valuables. All it takes is an open or unlocked garage or storage shed. Tools of all sorts can be sold easily and often for a good value. Be sure to keep your garage and sheds locked and secure at all times, especially if you keep your tools in them.
  • 3. Jewelry – Jewelry is another one of a burglar’s favorite items to steal, like cash it can be easily concealed and can be sold for a good price. Many people keep their jewelry in similar locations in their home so a burglar will know where to look. Be sure to keep jewelry of value or sentiment in a safe bolted to the floor or in a diversion safe.
  • 4. Piggy Banks and Jars of Coins – Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the piggy bank in your child’s bedroom. We’re talking about that “Jug-o-Change” you have lying around your home. This also goes for collector’s coins. Burglars know there is a huge cash value in collector’s coins. Consider keeping things like this in a safe or in a locked closet hidden from view.
  • 5. Video Games and Consoles – Not because the burglar is an avid gamer, but because most pawn shops and game stores purchase these items with no questions asked. Because there are so many avid gamers out there, these items sell rather easily and are usually in high demand.
  • 6. Laptops and Tablets – These items are often maintain value fairly well and are light and easy to carry. Many people keep these out in the open so it is very easy for a burglar to locate them. Consider keeping your laptops and tablets out of view in a drawer or cabinet so they are not easily noticed.
  • 7. Wallet or Purse – Not only is cash usually kept in these, but also credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards, not to mention, your identity! Always keep these out of view and in a safe place in your home.
  • 8. Guns – If there is a gun available inside a home, nine times out of 10 a burglar will be claiming that as his property. They have a huge resale value on the street, leaving them in the hands of the type of people you really do not want owning one. Keep your guns stored in a locked gun safe, bolted to the floor for added security.
  • 9. iPods and Smartphones – Like laptops and tablets, these items are often kept out in the open and are easy to carry out. They carry a high resale value so a burglar will have no problem selling them quickly. Keep these items hidden from view in a safe and secure place.
  • 10. Your Identity – The big money in burglaries is increasing for things like passwords, SSN’s, credit cards, billing statements and so on. These items carry a high value when sold for identity theft. If this is something you have ever been a victim of, then you know the havoc it can be on your life, credit score and bank account. Keep these items put away in a safe and instead of throwing them in the trash when you no longer need them, shred them.

Burglars only need a short time to rob your home of some of it’s most valuable possessions. Investing in a home security system can save you and your family a lot of heart ache and grief. Call a Systems Representative today for more information. 1-800-252-7664

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