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​People who have had the unfortunate experience of having their home broken into know the reality of the feelings and emotions that result. You can take simple steps to help secure your home when you plan to be away for a while and reduce the chances of coming back to a home that has been broken into.

A home security system is certainly the best way to secure your home against burglars while you are away. Home security in Kentucky is as important as it is anywhere else, particularly in high crime areas. A comprehensive system will provide fire alarm monitoring in addition to intrusion detection.

Burglars are opportunists, and they are always on the lookout for an easy target. You want your home to look like one of the last homes a burglar would want to break into.

In addition to notifying your alarm monitoring company regarding your plans to be away for a while, there are other simple, inexpensive and effective steps you can take to make your home less attractive to criminals.

– Have the post office stop your mail delivery or arrange to have someone collect the mail from your mailbox while you are away. Nothing says “we’re not home” like a mailbox stuffed full with a week’s worth of mail. Do the same for newspaper delivery if you have it.

– Inform a trusted neighbor that you will be away. An alert neighbor will recognize any unfamiliar people or vehicles lingering in the neighborhood.

– Put interior lights on a timer. Having your house lit at night makes it look more likely that someone is home. Motion-sensing lights provide added security outside.

– Arrange for someone to mow your lawn while you are away. An overgrown lawn is another sign that the occupants may be away.

– Don’t tell the world you plan to be away. It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook account these days. There’s no need to broadcast your vacation plans on the Internet for everyone (including tech-savvy criminals) to see.

– Secure or hide your valuables. A safe is probably the best place for your most valuable possessions such as jewelry or cash, but if you don’t have one, it might be a good idea to come up with some unique hiding places in your house where a burglar is unlikely to look. Avoid obvious places like under the mattress or in the freezer, since those are old tricks known to just about everyone.

– Snow removal. If you’re going to be traveling in the winter and live in an area that usually gets snow, it would be a good idea to arrange for someone to clear your driveways and walkways. This may not apply for all home security in Kentucky, but bad winters sometimes brings significant snow to the state.

– Remove the hidden key. Lots of people hide a house key outside somewhere to avoid being locked out of their home. If you plan to be away for a while, you won’t need that to be available, so pick it up to prevent a burglar from finding it.

As you can see, these are measures that are not difficult or expensive to implement. These steps in addition to a good home security system with fire alarm monitoring capability should give you extra piece of mind when you have to leave your home empty for an extended period.​

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