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In 2009, there were more than 18,000 grill-related injuries in the United States according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The end result of grill fires are usually burn injuries that can take years to heal. Thankfully, companies that provide home security in Kentucky also offer fire alarm monitoring. In addition to getting a fire alarm provider, the United States Department of Agriculture, United States Fire Department and the National Park Service are actively involved in outreach that specifically focuses on preventing grill fires at cookouts whether at your home or in state parks. Here are a few tips from these official fire safety sources.

Placing the Grill in the Wrong Place

Programs related to home security in Kentucky can give you helpful advice about fire safety, but the most obvious ones are easily overlooked. For instance, inside of your home, a grease fire can start if oil comes in contact with an open flame or hot surface. The same is true with your outdoor grill. An easy way to prevent a fire is to keep the grill clean with a heavy-duty grill brush. Once the fat buildup and grease is removed, the clean racks and trays are less likely to catch fire.

Here are some other basic precautions to keep in mind:

.Keep pets and kids away from the grill area

.Keep an eye on your grill at all times

.Use propane and charcoal grills outside only

.Be sure there is nothing flammable beside or over your grill such as deck rails, overhanging tree limbs, or porch eaves

Leaky Hoses

Most grill fires happen outdoors, and fire alarm monitoring can be insufficient if your security package only covers the indoors. A leading cause of grill fires, a leaky propane hose can cause chaos if ignited. Accidents of this nature happen when there is a small tear in the hose that goes from the propane tank to the grill. In some cases, leaving the grill outside during the winter or in direct sunlight causes the integrity of the plastic hose to break down.

The situation can be easily remedied by using the soapy bubble test before you fire up the grill. After applying soap and water to the hose and the connecting areas, a propane leak will be obvious if there are bubbles coming out of the hose. If a problem is detected, turn off the propane, leave it in its original position, and do not use fire around it until the grill is serviced by a professional.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Dr. Ryan Stanton, representative for the American College of Emergency Physicians, says that many grill fire injuries happen because the electric start does not work. He hears stories from burn patients who say they turned on the grill unit, did not get a light, and used a match instead. Sadly, when the match was used, it met with a buildup of gas that caused serious burns. To avoid these issues, turn off a gas grill that will not start and have it serviced by a professional.

Another potential problem cited by burn victims deals with old-fashioned charcoal grills and using a different type of starter fluid other than charcoal fluid. If the coals seem slow to start, do not add another type of liquid that you think is more flammable. To remedy the problem, try starting over with fresh, dry coals.​

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