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Control4 is not only the leading home automation system available, it also has the coolest features. With new updates, features and products rolling out this Spring and Summer, you will have even more control of your home.


Control4 launched a brand new line of lighting control products—a broad range of elegant and energy saving lighting solutions, featuring a diverse palette of color and finish options and lots of cool “personalization” features that ratchet up the lighting experience in your home to a whole new level. You can program your smart lighting to enhance the aesthetic of your home (think dramatic lighting effect that turns on automatically in the evening illuminating your pool, front yard or walkways, or a stunning spotlight to showcase a central art piece in the living room or a bank of lights to highlight family photos along a hallway) and combine your new lighting with other automation applications to create the scenes that are most relevant for your family and lifestyle.


Remote Charging Station

We all know that too familiar feeling when the realization hits that you have no more batteries and the remote is in desperate need of some more. Well, no more worries. The new Control4 Charging Dock for your remote will aleviate that problem. Rest assured that whether you’re entertaining for the championship game or a red carpet awards show, your remotes will be ready to control everything.


Wireless Music Bridge

The new Control4 Wireless Music Bridge enables homeowners, family members and their guests to wirelessly connect to a Control4 system to enjoy all the music stored on or accessed via personal smart phones, tablets and computers. The Wireless Music Bridge also provides a convenient path for you to connect to streaming music services such as Pandora or Spotify on their personal smart devices from a Control4 system – all while preserving full phone and smart device browsing and application capability. Additionally, the Wireless Music Bridge delivers available artwork and metadata directly into the Control4 environment for display within the Control4 “Now Playing” interface on touch-panels, TV on-screens and the MyHome app.

The Wireless Music Bridge brings together Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity technologies into a single product, allowing nearly every smart device to “push” music, podcasts, news, sports and audio books into the Control4 system via full support for streaming for iOS devices, as well as Bluetooth and DLNA for other phones and tablets.


TuneIn provides you direct access to more than 70,000 traditional and internet-only radio stations streaming from around the world, as well as millions of on-demand podcasts, concerts and interviews. TuneIn’s robust search capability helps people discover exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s their favorite artist, song or radio personality locally or from across the globe. Control4’s integrated, intuitive and elegant user interface delivers station and show listings, filters available choices based on genre, location and language and guides users to new online media as well as to the content they already love. TuneIn is seamlessly integrated into Control4 audio zones so that everyone can listen to the same music, or every family member can enjoy their own personalized Favorites in different zones at the same time.

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