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In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Modern Systems’ president and founder, David Morris, is launching Operation Security Blanket. In this program, David is donating panic alarms to all of the schools in Pulaski County, Kentucky, including Somerset and Science Hill Independent Schools as well as area Head Starts.


After hearing local school personnel talk about Kentucky school security being a priority- even on tight budgets- he realized he could help, and calls for other companies throughout the US to do the same.


Modern Systems will be installing a panic alarm, or duress alarm, system in the schools at no cost, directly or indirectly to the school systems. The panic buttons will be installed in multiple locations throughout each school system’s front office. When pressed, the button will send a silent alarm to a Modern Systems monitoring station, which will immediately call 911, as well as send a text alert out to all faculty and staff alerting them of a threat detected on campus. The system can be used in all types of emergency situations, not just those in which someone may be wielding a gun. If there is any situation on campus in which they would normally contact the authorities, the panic button can be used. Having silent alarms in place allows someone to contact the authorities in situations in which they otherwise may not be able to.


Stickers with the Operation Security Blanket logo will be placed on the entrances of all the schools to serve as a reminder that they have security measures in place to help protect students, and minimize response time from authorities.


For more information on Operation Security Blanket, or information on how to protect your home or business, contact Modern Systems at 1-800-252-7664.




David Morris, President of Modern Systems, received a letter from Governor Beshear and Senator Chris Girdler thanking him for his panic alarm donations to Pulaski County Schools.

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