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The home security Lexington-based Modern Systems Inc offers top-notch, professional monitoring and protection services. Our company is able to confidently secure both residential and commercial locations through state-of-the-art security systems and technology services. The security KY state company will protect individuals and families from invasion, theft, and harm, so you can rest easy.

One cannot afford to go without Modern Systems Inc. security  services. Protecting valuable assets is necessary in modern times where criminals can easily take advantage of unprotected and uninsured victims. In addition, many burglars are deterred when the presence of an alarm system is detected. Customers can rely on the home security Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. to offer exceptional security and value to its customers throughout each second of need.

Services offered by the Lexington security provider include alarms designed to protect against burglary, fire and even environmental disasters. Camera systems are available for constant surveillance that instantly alert the residents if anyone enters the area. Gate systems allow one to practically secure their property and surrounding areas from theft and vandalism. The Control 4 system is an all-in-one security system that can make home automation a reality. You can manage various services through a smart phone device, making it more convenient to keep tabs on the property. The Control 4 system can regulate garage doors, lighting, air conditioning, television, and entertainment within the home through wireless products. In addition, home theatre systems are available to add sharp images and incredible sound to enhance one’s media library for an entertaining cinema experience.

Lexington security by Modern Systems Inc is the innovative choice for small businesses or extensive retail chains. Businesses can customize the camera system to operate in both single or multiple locations. The alarm systems allow employees to work and thrive within a safe environment. Access control systems are available to monitor facilities and restrict building access to only employees through a keycard, keypad, or photo identification screening. Commercial phone systems allow one to utilize technology convergence for ideal business communication. Custom audio and video solutions allow an owner to create a package based on specific requirements.

Modern Systems Inc. is a leading source in security and home entertainment that is superior and affordable on any budget. Professional services and installation allow a convenient and solid installation and training for its high-quality products. Round-the-clock monitoring ensures safety of the premises from potential intruders to one’s home or business. The leading security KY state company offers complete surveillance and protection for less than one dollar a day.

The home security that Lexington based Modern Systems Inc. provides is second to none in the industry with its advanced alarms and unique customizable services. Every individual has the right to protect and preserve their property and themselves from danger and damage. The Lexington security and technology provider offers dependable commercial and residential service in daily performance. Do not hesitate to contact Modern Systems Inc. to make an appointment, where friendly representatives will help to answer any questions.

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Premier Kentucky Security Company,
Providing Peace of Mind Since 1979
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