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Home automation and security has come a long way from its humble beginnings. When Edwin Holmes began selling the first mass-marketed burglar alarm systems in the mid-1800s, few could have predicted that the concept of automation in building security would evolve to the broad scope of full home automation seen now in products such as the control 4 system. That such a futuristic concept is now a possibility within the reach of everyday consumers is a testament to the wonderful achievements of the computing and electronics industries. For those who live in Kentucky, automation for convenience and entertainment is not the only important concern, however; Kentucky security camera system technology and the fire protection KY has available are of equal importance.

When looking for a Kentucky security camera system, it’s easy to forget a few of the simple, yet crucial factors. For example, camera resolution is important, but low-light performance is also vital. Since most break-ins occur after-hours, it will most likely be dark during times when security camera footage is necessary. Another crucial consideration is that of placement; security cameras won’t do any good if thieves or vandals can simply disable them by reaching up and striking or reorienting them with a stick. Thus, a good security camera relies on multiple design factors as well as good placement in order to be effective.

In addition to a Kentucky security camera system, there is also fire protection KY citizens need to address. Fires are a common enough phenomenon all over the U.S., but in Kentucky, especially during the dry summer months, attention to this possibility is especially critical. Any security system worth its salt will have adequate measures in place to immediately alert the appropriate agencies in the event of a fire on the premises. With proper system protocols for fire protection KY business owners can rest easy and focus on more enjoyable matters.

With the advent of home automation electronics, a myriad of exciting new technologies have been developed capable of turning one’s home into an automated powerhouse. One of the most popular implementations of this technology, the control 4 system is a fully customizable product capable of handling media applications as well as lighting, sprinkler systems, power applications, and of course fire and general security. Control 4 system specialists will typically visit the home first to get an idea of the general layout before designing a system solution for the client. From there, a quote is generated, and once work begins, the process can be fairly quick. Once installed, these home automation system provide unheard-of comfort, convenience, and enjoyment for homeowners.

While home automation and security may have simple, humble beginnings, the industry is anything but simple today. Nevertheless, Kentucky residents can rest assured when contracting services through qualified technicians for their fire, security, and home automation needs. In today’s home automation market, there are applications that can control an automated system from a homeowner’s PC, laptop, or even their smartphone. This level of convenience is what customers are quickly learning to expect, and technology-savvy firms are taking advantage of these incredible new business opportunities, making this a winning situation for consumers and service providers alike. Kentuckians: Welcome to the 21st century.

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