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People who own homes or businesses in Lexington will want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to protect their property, and they should consider using Modern Systems, Inc. when looking for Lexington alarm systems.Modern Systems, Inc. has been providing Kentucky security services to residential and commercial customers since 1979.


Commercial Security Services


Companies that are interested in using a Lexington alarm company can find peace of mind by arranging for the professionals at Modern Systems to install a burglar alarm system on their premises. Businesses with high-end merchandise, expensive equipment, sensitive documents and other items that appeal to criminals need to protect their location with customized


A business may also find it necessary to add a CCTV surveillance system to further bolster security. Video from each camera appears on screens for monitoring by security guards or for capture as recordings to be reviewed on a regular basis for signs of criminal trespass.


Lexington alarm systems can also include protection from fire for businesses. Modern Systems’ expert employees will come to the location and evaluate how the fire alarm system should be configured, including how many sensors are needed to provide adequate coverage and what type of control system will best serve the customer’s needs.


What’s more, Modern Systems can set up an access control system that enables a business to designate who can enter the building, and when. For example, a company that has employees working around the clock might prefer to give access to a night-shift manager but not allow day-shift employees entrance to sensitive areas without special authorization. Access control systems are also useful for enabling a cleaning crew to come in to take care of common areas in the building while denying them access to critical work areas.


Residential Security Services


Homeowners who are concerned about protecting their property can use a Kentucky security firm like Modern Systems, Inc. to install a system for detecting intrusions as well as fire. People have the right to feel safe and secure in their home and shouldn’t have to worry about criminals breaking in while they are away on a vacation or while they are sleeping.


When evaluating companies that specialize in alarm systems, homeowners should go with a company that has the expertise and knowledge to set up a customized solution, including fire detectors and burglar alarms.


A family that wants to add an additional level of security beyond their Lexington alarm system will also want to consider getting a gate system. Automated gates are vital for keeping unwanted and unauthorized people from accessing the property, while providing a sophisticated entrance for invited visitors.


Homeowners can augment their security system by having Modern Systems employees come out to install a camera system. Using a camera helps residents to quickly identify visitors, as well as to keep an eye on the rest of the property for signs of intruders or even wild animals.


Modern Systems, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in providing Lexington alarm security systems for Kentucky residents seeking to protect their homes and places of work. The company is devoted to providing excellent customer service, with competitive pricing and expert technicians who use only the finest quality components. Interested homeowners and business owners should feel free to call or contact the company through its website when they are ready to discuss their Kentucky security alarm system needs.



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