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These days you seem to hear the phrase “Home Automation” thrown around quite a bit. What exactly is it? Home Automation is making your home, and it’s appliances, lighting, electronics, HVAC, and security work together to make your life simple. It can be as simple as you arrive home, and the lights turn on as soon as you open the door, or you can have a slightly more elaborate scenerio. You begin to pull into your drive way, with the touch of a button your garage door opens, your security system disarms, and the lights come on. The temperature changes to your personal setting, and the TV comes on and is tuned to your favorite channel. It really is up to you. You can be as simple or creative as you choose to turn your home into a smart home. Take a look at some of the things home automation can do for you.



Leaving Home

Anytime you leave home simply arm your security system. From there, Control4 does the rest.

  • -lights turn off
  • -any electronics left on will turn off
  • -any music left playing is turned off
  • -all Control4 door locks are automatically locked


Ready For Bed

With the press of a button, the following happens automatically…

  • -if unlocked, perimeter Control4 Doors are locked
  • -thermostats are set back to desired night time settings
  • -if garage doors are left open, they close automatically
  • -security system is armed to the night time mode
  • -all inside lights are turned off and a pathway scene is turned on


While At Home

  • -Never enter a dark house again. Select lights will automatically come on when you arrive home by simply opening the door.
  • -When someone rings the door bell, a pleasant chime can sound through interior and exterior speakers, and you can see who is at the door from TV’s and/or other Control4 devices throughout your home.


Alarm System

  • -If sytem goes into alarm, and if dark, Control4 interior and exterior lights come on instantly. If day time, lights do not come on.
  • -A custom voice message such as “Burglar Alarm, Burglar Alarm” is announced through all interior audio speakers, or just select ones.
  • -If a smoke or heat detector goes into alarm “Fire Alarm, Fire Alarm” is announced throughout the home and the lights come on. Thermostats turn the HVAC system off to avoid circulating smoke.
  • -If a person is detected around the perimeter of your home, your exterior lights are turned on and, if desired, a custom voice alert can play through the speakers.
  • -All Control4 light switches double as panic buttons. Simply tap three times and your security system is triggered.



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